Friday, 21 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 4

Hey everybody
On the second cup of coffee today, kinda slow going on that front. Mind you have hit the gym and walked the dog and am bracing for another round of outdoor activity.

Perfect time to pause and offer some suggestions for tonite's CMW.  JUST suggestions, remember.

Adelaide Hall  Start time 8:30pm
  -Little Destroyer, Caveboy, Ria Mae

Bovine Sex Club start time 9 pm
  -Critical Hit, Sumo Cyco, loads of other great bands until 4 am.

The Garrison  start time 9 pm
  -Sam Coffey and the Iron Longs, New Swears, Greys and friends

The Great Hall  start time 9 pm
  -Velveteins, Chastity, Wolf Parade !!!!!!!

Horseshoe Tavern  start time 8 pm
  -Dead Love, Common Deer, The Brains!! and others

Lee's Palace  start time 8:30 This will be a tough one to get in to, go early
  -Dune Rats, new swears, Dead Heavens, Yukon Blonde, Dandy Warhols

Phoenix start time 9 pm
  -Infected Mushroom!

Smiling Buddha start time 7 pm
  -Talk Show Host, Dead Love, Forty Seven Teeth and friends

Supermarket start time 8 pm
  -Chad Price, Barq, Jessica Stuart Few

Stop, Drop and Roll start time 9 pm
  -Ocean Cure, We The Oceanographers and others


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