Saturday, 18 August 2012

Playlist for August 18 5-6 pm

Hey, everybody!
Here it is another Saturday and with that a chance to bring you some really awesome music.
Last week, a listener called in with a request, but being the only person in the studio and not finding the cut on You Tube on the fly, I will be playing it this week instead!  Thank you for the recommendation of the Waxmen: Toronto boys, rockin' on!

So here it is.  As always, if you have a request in upcoming shows, don't hesitate to ask.  Enjoy

Born With A Broken Heart   David Wax Museum
Chariots    Future of Forestry
Sticky Situation     Waxmen **  request
I Will Wander   The Features    ( great band)
Sleep When Dead   Wild Suns   ( my philosophy exactly)
Indian Moon   Chadwick Stokes
Close My Eyes   The Vespers
End Of The Beginning    Blue Sky Addicts
Still (Live)  Great Lake Swimmers (notice a folksy, wistful theme today?)
What Wonderous Love Is This?    Wayfarer  (hymnals reworked , and Canadian to boot)
Maybe Tomorrow   Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People
Favorite Girl   The Icarus Account
Heroin Lovers   Robert Francis
Roland   The Bicycles
Destroyer   King Khan and The Shrines
I Remember Crescent City    Royal Chant
Jeered By Minor Demons    Atlas Strategic

That's it.  That's all.  Thanks for listening.  This spot will be pre empted next week for the Eaglewood Folk Festival, but I'll be back!  Cheers!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Playlist for August 11 5-6 pm

Hey, everybody!
A terribly soggy and humid Saturday here in the Big Smog.  But we can stay in and listen to music to help get 'er done at home, right?

Nowhere With You     Joel Plaskett
Soundtrack Song (Lost EP version)    The Lumineers
Cherish The One You Got    Harrison Hudson
Surrounded In Smoke    Chad Van Gaalen
Skinny Boy     Amy Millan
The Crossover Song    Destroyer
I Know I Know    Tegan and Sara
What's The Hold-up? Where's The Fire?   You Say Party We Say Die
Erected     Pink Mountaintops
Rise  (Kye Kye Remix) Josh Garrels
Ungirthed   Purity Ring   (run, don't walk, to get the album)
Leila  (Live from CBC Radio 3)   Manitoba
Forever Indebted    Shout Out Out Out Out  (to remember this name...1 Shout, 4 Outs)
Le Le Low  Hot Hot Heat
Got 2 Let U  The Knife  ( yes, I am playing favorites)
La Valerie   Malajube
Utilities   John K Samson (sweet little song)

Hope your socks stay dry and your ears wide open.
Thanks for listening!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Playlist for August 3 6-8 pm

Hey everybody!
I'm back on a Friday for the long weekend and we are having a real thrill ride with our broadcast board.  But despite an occasional drop out, the show must go on, and boy, there's lots to hear this week. Hope you are able to kick back, relax and let the radio do the talking.....

Hollowpoint Blues    Shovels and Rope
Killing Time    Jets Overhead
Wrong Side of History    Daryl Hall  (still got it after all these years...)
Ruby Slippers   SHEL
Rabbit Heart  (Raise It up)    Florence and the Machine
Sweetie and Shag (featuring Kazu Makino)    Battles
O'Siem    Susan Aglukark
Xerses   Apostles of Hustle
Eau d'Bedroom Dancing    Le Tigre
After Hours     Caribou
Cold Blooded Old Times (Smog Cover)    Cuff The Duke
Belated Promise Ring     Iron & Wine
flock of soul     Cocteau Twins
Holding Down The Laughter     Bad Books
Chariots     Future of Forestry
I've Been Away    Museum Pieces
Still Adore You     Hexes and Ohs
Anne With An E     The Pains of Being Pure of Heart
Stillness Is The Move    Dirty Projectors
Quiet My Heart    Great Forest
We Dance Alone    Beck
Get Some    Lykke Li
You Make Me Like Charity    The Knife  (also check out Fever Ray)
Oblivion    Grimes
Fineshrine    Purity Ring   (I AM SO HAPPY THIS ALBUM IS OUT!!!!!!)
The Future    Austra
Invention '77     Immaculate  Machine   (doesn't this sound like the Doors at first?)
Suffocation     Crystal Castles   (gotta have this band for a Friday)
French Diplomacy     Boy
Claire     The Rheostatics

Be safe, my friends, and thanks for listening!