Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ruby Slippers April 28 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Big deep breath after the festival, gearing up for the Membership Drive in two weeks!
Time to just chill out with this playlist.

Wait Up For You  (Andy Dixon Remix) ... Lift x Zerbin *
Bed of Nailz ... Herokah *
Burn Bright ... The Lost Talkers *
The Ballad of  Killah P... King Kahn and the BBQ Show *
Weight Of The World ... Andrew Hunter and The Gatherers *
Dig Or Seal ... Laska *
You Don't Know Me ... Polyphonic Spree
Plastic ... Aine Cahill
Ice Age (ft. Deadmau5) ... How To Destroy Angels
Ventures ... We The Oceanographers
Gay Pirates ... Evan Westfal *
The Loneliest of Creatures ... Klaatu *
Ding Dong ... Klaus Nomi
Listen Now ... The Knife
The Immortals ... Kings of Leon
In The Dead Of The Night ... U.K. (ft. Allan Holdsworth RIP)

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Canadian Music Week, Last Day!

Last day, switched to a big ol' mug of tea. Was out reasonably late for me last night and it's kick back time.

BUT there is still today at CMW with a few major choices so here goes.

Lula Lounge start time 2:30
  -Fred Penner. Yes you heard me right. Fred Penner. You might have to fight with a different demographic to get close to the stage but there he is and who wouldn't want to go? Right?

Phoenix starts at 9 pm ****AllAges****
  -Token, Hopsin

Rebel (Polson St) Major venue, doors open at 7 pm
  -CMW finale with Explosions in the Sky.

Thanks for following along with me on this year's event. Don't know about you but there is a lot of listening to do post festival and you can bet many of these artists will end up in the playlist.

Take care and see you at NXNE

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 5

Another day, three coffees. Notice how it's getting harder and harder to wake up.

Big day, loads of venues. Something for everyone, but really, anywhere is great. In fact just had a half an hour discussion about what to do tonight.

Adelaide Hall  start time 9 pm
  -Moon Eyed, Psychic Twin, Generationals  This looks like an amazing choice!

Bovine Sex Club start time 9 pm
  -Moon Tan, Hiroshima Hearts and friends

Cameron House start time 8 pm
  -Jessica Allossery, Eastern Owl, Hearing Trees and others

The Garrison start time 9 pm
  -Weight, Eyeballs, Teenager, Beliefs, and more with Late Night DJ Party DJ Cadence Weapon!!!

Hard Rock Cafe start time 8 pm
  -Double Experience, Royal North et al

Horseshoe start time 8 pm
  -Dead Projectionists, Adam Baldwin, Birds of Bellwoods just as a start

Monarch Tavern start time 8 pm
  -Seance Sisters, King Creep, Your Sunshine Vapor and more

Rivoli (Music of Nova Scotia) start time 9 pm
  -Danger Bees, The Brood and friends

Smiling Buddha start time 6:30 (bonus!!!)
  -We The Oceanographers, Straight to Business, Blve Hills

And that's not all!! Check out the full schedule at for more suggestions.

One more day to go!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 4

Hey everybody
On the second cup of coffee today, kinda slow going on that front. Mind you have hit the gym and walked the dog and am bracing for another round of outdoor activity.

Perfect time to pause and offer some suggestions for tonite's CMW.  JUST suggestions, remember.

Adelaide Hall  Start time 8:30pm
  -Little Destroyer, Caveboy, Ria Mae

Bovine Sex Club start time 9 pm
  -Critical Hit, Sumo Cyco, loads of other great bands until 4 am.

The Garrison  start time 9 pm
  -Sam Coffey and the Iron Longs, New Swears, Greys and friends

The Great Hall  start time 9 pm
  -Velveteins, Chastity, Wolf Parade !!!!!!!

Horseshoe Tavern  start time 8 pm
  -Dead Love, Common Deer, The Brains!! and others

Lee's Palace  start time 8:30 This will be a tough one to get in to, go early
  -Dune Rats, new swears, Dead Heavens, Yukon Blonde, Dandy Warhols

Phoenix start time 9 pm
  -Infected Mushroom!

Smiling Buddha start time 7 pm
  -Talk Show Host, Dead Love, Forty Seven Teeth and friends

Supermarket start time 8 pm
  -Chad Price, Barq, Jessica Stuart Few

Stop, Drop and Roll start time 9 pm
  -Ocean Cure, We The Oceanographers and others


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ruby Slippers CMW 2017 April 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

As promised here is yet another playlist centred on CMW 2017. There have been so many interesting entries into this year's festival, expect to see them pop up during the next few weeks. CMW is like a shot in the arm to seek out new music long past the actual event.


Born Yesterday ... Hollerado *
Blackout Beach ... All Hands on Jane *
Four Steps Down ... Hiroshima Hearts *
Eleanor Goulding's Baby ... Left By Snakes (from Stayner) *
Star Machine ... Bob Mould
Heart Shaped Box ... Beliefs * (yes, I know I have played this before. Just love it)
World Gong Crazy .. Han Han x Datu xHataw *
Home is Where ... Caveboy *
Becoming Insane ... Infected Mushroom
Bum Me Out ... Goodbye Honolulu *
Honest Lies ... Messenger Birds
She Walks At Night ... King Creep *
Try Try Again ... The Rising Few *
Dissonance ... Owen Meany's Batting Stance *
No Wrenching of Guts This Time ... Seazoo (Wales)
California Dreamer ... Wolf Parade *
Twin Mirror ... Zoo Owl *
Consent ... Vallens *

Wow. I have no words.

Thanks for listening.


Canadian Music Week Day 3 2017

Major bucket of tea to start the day today. Not only is there the list to post but also the playlist for this Friday and as promised it's all about CMW.

So here is Day 3's random picks for what to do tonight. Let me know what you think and please feel free to offer feedback on what YOU went to see.

Cherry Cola's start time 9 pm
  -Messenger Birds, Blue Stones , Velveteins and a whole heap more

The Great Hall start time 8:00
  -Birds of Olympus, Medeline Kenney and friends

Hard Rock Cafe start time 8 pm
  -Render, Rising Few, Celebration Army just to name a few

Horseshoe start time 8 pm
  -Honest Hearts Collective, ZOOBOMBS, Crazy Bones and others

Lee's Palace Start time 9 pm
  -Kasador, Wildlife, Matt Mays (love this music)

Long Boat Hall  start time 7
  -Radiant Baby, Hone Beard, Zoo Owl plus more

Phoenix Hall start time 8 pm
  -NQ Arbuckle, Amelia Curran, Tanya Tagaq, Whitehorse

Silver Dollar  start time 8 pm
  -Little Coyote, Luna Ll, Japanese Breakfast

Velvet Underground start time 9 pm
  -New Electric, Courage My Love

Take a deep breath, it's on to Friday.

Thanks for listening

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Canadian Music Week 2017 Day 2

Hey kids,

Two cups of coffee...check. Been to the gym...check. Read over the listings for CMW for tonight...check. Making a bunch of picks...not so easy.

Things are really heating up with oodles of venues and loads of talent. Always a hard job, but in the spirit of any festival, just close your eyes and point. Works for me.

PS for some reason the listings in the guide misspelled Wednesday. Guess the coffee actually woke me up.

Cherry Cola's start time 9 pm
  -Grown Up Avenger Stuff, All Hands on Jane and friends

Danforth Music Hall start time 7 pm
  -Good Charlotte is back and they brought a posse of talented artists with them

Drake Underground  start time 8 pm  Irish Showcase
  -Barq, Bitch Falcon, Birds of Olympus  (have played Barq on a number of occasions on the show)

The Garrison start time 9 pm ***
  -this whole card is amazing including Han Han, Tasseomancy, YTST, Vanishing Hand

The Great Hall start time 8 pm ***
  -Dead Love, Dune Rats, Surf Dads, Hockey Dad   

Long Boat Hall start time 7 pm CD Baby Showcase
  - Weird with Cats and others

Monarch Tavern our very own Mar On Music start time 9 ish ***
  -Faith Healer, Eliza and the Delusionals, Dentist, Goodbye Honolulu
  (Mar never misses, will be a blast)

Phoenix Concert Hall start time 7
  -may be hard to get into Dan Mangan, Hollerado, 54-40, Wooden Sky, Repartee

Rivoli start time 8 pm  Spotlight on France
  -Tete, Cleo T, Theo Lawrence and the Hearts, etc.

Silver Dollar start time 8 pm  Pop Montreal Showcase
  -need I say more?


Thanks for playing, see you tomorrow

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 1 April 18th

Hey everybody!

Am on my second cup of coffee. Battery's nearly out on the laptop. Still nowhere near finished listening to all the artists on deck for today. Good thing? Daunting thing?

As in previous years, I will post picks for each day of the festival and as in previous years, I will stress that these are merely suggestions. Every band has earned the right to be here because they are awesome. You can't go wrong regardless of where you decide to land! If I could hijack the station for a day, I would love to do continuous programming of all the artists from this year's CMW line up. There, I said it.

However, as one can't be everywhere at once, here are a few to consider.

Adelaide Hall  8 pm start
  -The Danger Bees, Honest Heart Collective and others

Mod Club 7 pm start
  -Modern Space, Dead Projectionists plus a whole lot more

Drake Underground 7 pm start
  -Bink, Toito (from Hamilton) as part of a great lineup

Silver Dollar 8 pm start
  -Knifey, ZOOBOMBS! yes, you read that right

Rivoli  8 pm start
   -Exit Someone, Seazoo (from Wales ) very interesting card

Bovine Sex Club 7 pm start
  -Huaraches and friends Who doesn't want to start off with a little surf? Hmmm???

Full schedule is here: and frankly, as with all selections, these are a result of personal familiarity with the bands listed.

BE BOLD!!! Seek out new bands!

See you tomorrow and please let me know who YOU discovered!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ruby Slippers April 14 CMW preview 2017

Hey everybody!

Next week is Canadian Music Week and once again I will be doing a total random day by day pick of what the affair has to offer.

This week's playlist is a preview of what the festival has to offer. By no means complete and by no means the last one. I will also include more artists in next week's show.

Decisions, decisions.

Rochambo .....Matt Mays *
Kill Count ....The Balconies *
Saw Mill ... The Blue Stones *
Cheap Dogs ... Eyeballs *
No Glamour In The Hammer .... Whitehorse *
Stay Back .... The Brains *
I'm Still Young ... Letters to Lions
Heft ... Japanese Breakfast
Lose Myself ... Psychic Twin
Universe ... Faith Healer *
Bear ... Barq
Oak Of Guernica ... Yamantaka//Sonic Titan * (YTST)
Franklin ... Talk Show Host *
Styggo ... The Dandy Warhols
Bird/Glass ... Danger Bees *
Best of Us ... Weird With Cats *
Wastelands .. The Dead Love

Never fear if they all don't make it. There is always next week!

Thanks for listening

CMW April 18-23

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Ruby Slippers April 7 7-8 pm 2017

Hey everybody

Here it is another month.

CMW is coming up, the flowers are too. Lots to look forward to. And just in case you think I have gone soft in the head with positive vibes, remember the months without sun. It can change a person, you know?

So Step Off ... Mouth Music
If I Were A Ship ... Hey Ocean! *
Nomu ... Good Kid *
If I could Rule the World From a Small Town ... Gone Hazel *
Ain't Nobody Watching Me ... The Burnins *
Blue Light ... Ultravox
Cheap Music ... Handsome Furs *
Push and Pull ... White Hot Jet*
We Gotta Go ... Karma Bros *
Set it off ... Goodbyemotel
Everybody Loves You When You're Dead ... Lola Dutronic *
Desert Planet ... F 105 *
Black Tambourine ... Beck
Jeepster ... T. Rex
Feet Of Clay ... Hanging from the Rafters
Where I End and You Begin ... Night Drive
Wockx ... Paranerd *

That's all folks. Now GO OUTSIDE

Thanks for listening