Sunday, 23 April 2017

Canadian Music Week, Last Day!

Last day, switched to a big ol' mug of tea. Was out reasonably late for me last night and it's kick back time.

BUT there is still today at CMW with a few major choices so here goes.

Lula Lounge start time 2:30
  -Fred Penner. Yes you heard me right. Fred Penner. You might have to fight with a different demographic to get close to the stage but there he is and who wouldn't want to go? Right?

Phoenix starts at 9 pm ****AllAges****
  -Token, Hopsin

Rebel (Polson St) Major venue, doors open at 7 pm
  -CMW finale with Explosions in the Sky.

Thanks for following along with me on this year's event. Don't know about you but there is a lot of listening to do post festival and you can bet many of these artists will end up in the playlist.

Take care and see you at NXNE

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