Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ruby Slippers December 1 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Change of plans. The lovely and talented DJ Nico will be doing the show tonight, I will be back with the playlist I posted before but on the 8th.

As her playlist is set, I will be sure to put it on the blog.

Thanks for listening!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Fill in November 27 2017

Here's the playlist!

Skeletons ... Jay Holy *
Vulture of Love ... Sea Monsters *
Working With Fire and Steel ... China Crisis
Ace of Spades ... The Bloody Five * (Motorhead cover)
Youth Culture Killed My Dog ... They Might Be Giants
White Cloud ... Curbside Sofa *
Til The End Of The Day ... Chris Richards and the Subtractions
Climbing A High Wall ... Link Wray and the Wraymen
Get Lost ... Beach Slang
Devil's Haircut ... Beck
The Transit Song ... Fembots *
Holy Roller ... Blank Tapes
Dream ... Rebekah Higgs *
Red Morning Light ... Kings of Leon
Agents of Play ... Quilt
Blowtorch ... Headstones *
You're True ... Eddie Vedder

Thanks for listening!


Ruby Slippers December 8 20-17 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Got this one done early (too much coffee on a Sunday after Poldark and the Collection have finished their runs) so here it is. Will air on Friday

Wrong Hole ... Implicate Order *
But I Already have it ... The Waking Eyes *
Knives in Cartoons...Still Life Still *
Chaotic Entrance ... Robot Apocalypse *
Hold Me Now ... Moon Socket *
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Punk Shadows ... Blodd and Glass *
Pagan Poetry ... Bjork
Fempire ... hHead *
Stained Glass Heart ... Public Animal *
Elmore's Surf ... Sun Stone Revolvers *
Take It Away ... Dany Laj & The Looks *
Dog Eat Dog ... Adam & The Ants
Deep In Space ... Jupiter Hollow *
Stimulation ... Preoccupations *
#1 Joyride ... Junkhouse *
Leonard Cohen (ft. Carole Pope) ... Gordon Shawcross *
Little Secrets ... Passion Pit

TOO LONG. Will fix later, gators.

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Ruby Slippers November 24 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here is the playlist. If the stars align we will be speaking to Chris McKhool from Sultans of String too!

Silence of the Saints ...Left By Snakes * (new)
Pearly White ... Junkhouse *
Wolves ... Iron and Wine
Turkish Greensleeves ... Sultans of String *
Sing for Kwanzaa ... Sultans of String *
Environmental Blues ... Christian D * (new)
This Is Not A Test ... Carole Pope * (new)
The Ghost In You ... Matt Mancid and Colour Theory (cover Psychedelic Furs) (new)
Permanent ... Stuck on Planet Earth * (new)
Johnson Street ... Enrights * (new)

Thanks for listening


Monday, 20 November 2017

Fill In show November 20 2017 7-8 pm

Here's the playlist:

Love You Can Believe In ... Tristan Thompson *
Past The Stars ... By Divine Right *
Voodoo ...Allen Stone
Nighttime/Anytime ...The Constantines *
Hellboy Blues ... Lee Harvey Osmond *
When She Arrived ... Thus Owls *
Slippery People ... Talking Heads
Little Hand ... The Braids *
Wake Up The Nation (Zinc remix) ... Paul Weller
Once A Day .. Michael Franti and Spearhead
Odessa ... CARIBOU *
Wrecking Ball ... The Galacticats *
Stars ... Grown Up Avenger Stuff *
Wrecking Ball ... Minotaurs *
The Spell ... Poppuseed and the Love Explosion *

Thx for listening

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ruby Slippers Membership November 17 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Happy Membership Week! Made your donation yet? Well if you can and feel that community radio is important, here's your big chance. You can call in during tonight's show at 416-946-7800 or at 1-888-204-8976. You can also hit us online at www.ciut.fm/donate.

I will be playing some of the music below while entertaining a guest or two and waiting for your calls!

Over The Rainbow ... Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (naturally)
Gasoline Radio ... Real Gone *
Fun House '69 ... Junkhouse * (ends a bit abruptly, CD played to death...)(Yay Hamilton!)
I Was Thinking ... debRa 666 *
Dance ... Acid Test*
Love In Action ... Todd Rundgren (request)
I Can't Go For That ...Hall and Oates (request)
No Glamour In The Hammer ... Whitehorse * (for all you Hamilton fans out there)
Cracked ... David Contin * (show cohost in the new year)
Suffer ... Clara Venice * (theremin!)
Ding Dong ... Klaus Nomi

It's anyone's guess what will make the list this week.

Thanks for listening! Always appreciated


Monday, 13 November 2017

Fill In membership drive November 13 7-8 pm

Here is the playlist and if you haven't donated, it's not too late:


Crossed the Line ... The Decoys *
First World Rag ... Pow Wows *
Eight Wheels of Justice ... High Heels Lo Fi *
The Neverending Sigh ... Foo Fighters
Space Hobo ... High Dials *
You're A Hologram ... Hexes and Ohs *
As Heaven Is Wide ... Garbage
Headphones ... Mounties *
Tenere Taqhim Tossam ... Tinariwen
Freaks ... Hawk in Paris
Rhapsody in Pink ... Jon Cohen Experimental *

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ruby Slippers Indie Week November 10 2017 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

It is Indie Week and boy is there a lot of stuff going on. Frankly my head is in a spin and I only went out to two events. Just to let you know, CIUT is sponsoring a show at the Horseshoe called Taste of Iceland on Saturday and it's free, but you will have to get a ticket online.
Hurry as this event fills up very quickly!

Anyhow, the playlist this week includes a good number of artists from Indie Week and also some indie artists who are not part of the festival. You may notice there is more metal than I normally include. Was a judge at Cherry Cola's and the showcase was, you guessed it, metal. Pretty intense and impressive! Had to share some of that with you this time around. (Always invest in good hearing protection, it's so worth it)


Too Close For Comfort ...The Ocean Cure * (Indie Week)
Brother ... Grown Up Avenger Stuff  (Indie Week)
Irresistible ... Velvet Supersloths * (Indie Week)
Plastic Gold ... Fufanu (Indie Week) (Taste of Iceland showcase)
Playing God ... Vinyl Hero * (Indie Week)
Thumbsucker ... Double Experience * (Indie Week)
Wardrobe Malfunction ... The Empty Page (Indie Week) (winner of the UK Indie Week)
The Moon Will Never Turn on Me ... Mannut (Indie Week) (Taste of Iceland showcase)
Breathe Me In ... ash.OK (new)
Friends Don't Lie (Stranger Things theme) ... Septembryo * (new)
This Is Now ... The Knife (just wanted to play this)
Punk Shadows ... Blood and Glass * (Indie Week)
Abaddon ... Hunting Owls * (Indie Week)
Ghost I Know ... Anthems in Ashes  * (Indie Week)
Father Pray ... Pat Robitaille * (Indie Week)

Next week is Membership time. Will be onair Monday at 7 and then again Friday for Ruby Slippers.
Please consider supporting community radio with a donation, much appreciated (www.ciut.fm)

Thanks for listening


Monday, 6 November 2017

Fill In November 3 2017 7-8 pm

Here is the playlist

I Feel Free ... Cream
All Is Not Lost ... OK Go
Mirror ... Brunswick Project *
Modern Man ... Arcade Fire *
Groove Holmes ... The Dirty Pioneers *
Telegram Sam ... Bauhaus
Pirates (Can't All Sail the Indian Ocean) ... Forest City Lovers *
Combat Baby ... Metric *
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ... Flaming Lips
Anime Eyes ... The Awkward Stage *
A Brain In A Bottle ... Thom Yorke
How I Came ... Watermelon *
Metanoia ft. Clara Venice and Ian McNally ...ill.Gates
Things Will Fall Apart ... Parallels *

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Ruby Slippers November 3 2017

Hey everybody

This week's list starts out very very caffeinated however the supply of little chocolate bars ran out part way through.
Hang on, the drop is pretty abrupt.

Rock Control ... The Dollyrots
You Really Got Me ... The Hammersmith Gorillas
Revenge for Nerds ... Vast Robot Armies *
Rosemary's garden ... Secondhand Habit *
Salt ... Special Ops *
Kill The Engine ... Weird With Cats *
Clean ... Renny Wilson *
Smile ... Elastica
Heat of the Beat ... The Diodes * (just saw The Last Pogo DVD this week)
I Was A Teenage Stockbroker ... Stark Naked and the Fleshtones *
Diana ... Fanshaw *
Lafaye (Scissor Sisters Remix) ... School of Seven Bells
Stick and Stones ... Crystal Stilts
San Francisco ... Jane's Party *
The Best Today ... Keaton Henson
Wicked Light ... David Contin *
Army Dreamers ... Kate Bush
The Desert Pt. 2 ...Andrew James Barker *

This will change for sure, too ambitious but that's what post Halloween overload will do to you.

BTW if you want to go to Iceland (and honestly, who wouldn't?) donate early to this membership drive coming up in two weeks to be entered into this awesome draw.

Thanks for listening