Saturday, 28 June 2014

Canada Day Fill in July 1 3-5 pm

Hey Everybody,

Wave the flag! Find a cool spot to spawl and enjoy good food, good drink, good company and outstanding music!

This two hours is entirely made up of 100% Grade A Canadian talent. And there is every genre under the Great Northern Sky.


(I Wanna Go To) New York City ... The Bloody Five
Moonage Daydream ... The Dirty Nil
Catwalker ... Diodes
Hot Property ... Dishes
More Than Television ... Ruby Coast
A Sudden Death ... The Organ
Cloud of Evil ... Blackout Beach
Painful Like ... Austra
Suffocation ... Crystal Castles
Hold Your Secrets To Your Heart ... Miracle Fortress
The Last Time I Saw Richard ... Joni Mitchell
Music Is My Boyfriend ... Hidden Cameras
Cynthia ... Elise Epp
Gosh, Darn, Damn ... Rebekah Higgs
Filthy Overflow ... Implicate Order
Ocean Swirl ... Shattervox
Mordern, Normal ... Memoryhouse
Move Your Body ... Blessed By A Broken Heart
Loaded Gun ... Gloryhound
Down The Spinny ... Blackdog Ballroom
I Can't Sleep At Night ... The Deadly Snakes
It's Already Been Done ... Drugs In Japan
I Was, You Were ...The High Dials
Take Me Back ... Fast Romantics
Swing Shift (original 45 edit) ... Nash the Slash
I Can't Get You Off ... Odds
Rick James Blues ... Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs
Lightening Bolt ... Joel Plaskett Emergency
Love These Hands ... The Northern Pikes
The Pusher ... Steppenwolf

Won't get to all of 'em but do my best!

And hey! * ALL CANCON

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fill In for Saturday June 28 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

The new show in this timeslot is not quite ready to launch, but when it does, it will be glorious!

In the meantime, here we go. More fun for me!

Give Me Time ... Roo and Howl
A Lie ... Eastern Sea
Monumental ... The Flatliners *
Step ... Remote Kid *
Hollywood ... Zord *
Round and Round ... The Strawbs
Talk About It ... Jessica Stuart Few *
Rise Up (remix) ... Lorraine Segato * (Happy Pride !!! 2014 anthem)
Set Fire To Your Friends ... The Box Tiger *
Smoke Rings ... Royal Tusk *
Same Old Scene ... Roxy Music
Big Day ... Phil Manzanera
Italian Girls ... The ACBs
I Belong To You ... Muse
(You Will) Set the World On Fire ... David Bowie

Thanks for listening. Remember your sunscreen and hat, or your umbrella and boots... or maybe both?
Happy long weekend, short weekend, and Pride Weekend!

*Cancon goodness

Catwoman Fill in for June 27 6-7 pm

Hey everybody!

Catwoman is on the prowl and asked that I take the helm for this week. Rockin' Dave will be here next week, but then she's back with more Latin, garage, punk and rockabilly goodness.

So here's my list for this week. While the cat's away, this mouse is playing!

I Can Change My Mind ... Simply Saucer *
Conjoined ... The Two Minute Miracles *
Night Jogger ... Those Darlins
These AM Tunes ... Don Brownrigg *
New Day For An Old One ... The Silver Hearts *
Jennifer ... Little Comets
Like A Bullet ... Peak * (new!)
Tre Angels ... Krista Muir
Marching Squares ... Radiola
Sixteen ... Pink Mountaintops *
Tiger Rider vs. The Time Sprinkler ... Aquabats
Silence Is A Treason ... Bugs In The dark
Carry The Banner ... The Flatliners *
Chotee ... Bif Naked *
Kathleen ... Catfish and the Bottlemen
Space Invader ... The Pretenders
Red Lotus ... jade Warrior
Rise Up! (remix) ... Lorraine Segato * (anthem for World Pride)

Later gators!


Ruby Slippers for June 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Post NXNE festival and it's busier than ever. Have a bunch of fill ins to do (CIUT tries to always do live broadcasts, so holidays are often covered by crazy programmers with loads of enthusiasm)

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

However, here is the list for Ruby Slippers!

Summerhead ... Cocteau Twins
Body Like Lead ... Kashka *
Evening Breath ... The Folk *
Mother Stands for Comfort ... kate Bush
The Main Thing ... Roxy Music
It Ain't Easy ... Slim Twig *
Luna ... Malajube *
Here Comes The Rain ... Jessica Stuart Few *
The Immaterial Witness ... Slingshot Miracle * (Calgary)
Miracle Man ... Elvis Costello
Grey Skies Still Have Shades of Blue ... Starpilot *
Open Her Diary ... Ilias (new)
Little Boy Blue ... Albert Ryan
Wake up Your Mind ... The Rebel Light
Mr. Stormalong ... Ivan Neville

Have a good weekend (long or otherwise)

And as always, thanks for listening

*Cancon excellence!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Ruby Slippers for June 20/14 NXNE

Hey Everybody,

Here it is, the heart of the festival known as NXNE. Got a chance to preview some of the amazing music last Saturday but tonight there's even more and a good whack of it Canadian.

So, get comfortable, grab a drink and snacks, and let's get going!

What You Need ...LuxDeluxe
Sticks and Stones ... Crystal Stilts
All The Pretty Girls Go To The City ... Spoon
Knives ... The Box Tiger *
New Victims ... Ketamines *
Stop Drop and Roll ... Drugs In Japan *
Don't You Dare ... Big Name Actors *
Double Trouble ... Mexican Slang *
See The light ... Walking Motionless *
Drunk Teenagers ... Joel Plaskett Emergency *
This Wild Heart ... The Nursery *
Man From Japan ... Mimico *
Is You Sufferin' ... Skinny Bitches *
Gremlins Crawl ... Shannon and the Clams
Rescue ... Mama Kin
She Goes Riding... Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party *
Not The Same ... Hands and Teeth *
Walk Into The Sea ... (Message to Bear Remix)... Slow Down, Molasses * (only got to part of it, sorry)

AND if that isn't enough...more tomorrow at 5 with a NXNE fill in show right here on CIUT!

Be safe, have fun and as always, thanks for listening.

*Cancon goodness

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fill In June 21/14 5-6 pm NXNE

Hey everybody,

Wow, I managed to hijack another hour of programming this week.

There's so much excellent music during NXNE that I just couldn't help myself.

So here goes. For those of us who are starting to slow down, this just might be the kick start back into the festival....

Lust For You (The Cosmic Setter remix) ... Hospital
Words ... Rachel Ries
Sparkly ... Young Magic
Little Tiger ... tUnE-YaRdS
Joey's Song ... Xiu Xiu
Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood ... St. Vincent
Breaking The Angle Against The Tide ... Craft Spells
Brandon ... JPNSGRLS *
Blow This Place Up ... Odds *
New Words ... Bugs In The Dark
Veronica .. The Demos
Have A 100 ... Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs *
Interceptor ... Sumo Cyco *
Breakfast and Tea ... Ghost Cousin *
Stay With Us ... Seoul *
Stand In The Water ... Wildlife *
Many Are Lost ... The Folk *
Set Fire To Your Friends ... The Box Tiger *
Kind of Girl ... Low

Have a great time, and thanks for listening!


NXNE Part Fin June 22/14

Wow, kids, this is it.

If you haven't already run out of steam, there are even more things to see and do today.

Baltic Ave... The Nursery, CTZNSHP and others
Crawford ... last chance to See Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, with Sonic Avenues, King Creep and    
                    Pet Sun
NXNE Festival Village (Edward Day Gallery) ... record swap, DIY label and art fair, and bands!
Wrongbar ... a pile of mini sets too numerous to list here.
Yonge Dundas Square ... DJ heaven until it's over.

Bearing in mind that there have been free concerts in Sonic Boom, Trinity Bellwoods, and all over the place, there was no excuse not to be part of the festival.

Didn't even touch the MIO streetcar experience, or Vice Island or the Bruise Cruise or the Boiler Room

Gotta tell you, Monday is going to be a hard one.


NXNE Part 4 June 21/14

Hey folks,

Getting tired yet?

Here we go again, but the choices are even more daunting.

If I could clone myself, this is what I would see... (and then we would all compare notes)

Baltic Avenue ... Zords and others.
Bovine Sex Club ... Grime Kings, White Poppy, Boyhood et al
Cameron House ... Holy Oak, Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party, Birds of Bellwoods etc.
Gap (Queen Street) ... Joywave, Craft Spells from 2 pm
Great Hall ... Mexican Slang, Perfect pussy, Weaves and others
Horseshoe Tavern ... Stephanie Cameron, Wilderness of Manitoba, Joel Plaskett Emergency
Rivoli ... Golden Dogs, Human Orchestra, Rachel Ries (!!)
Smiling Buddha ... Seoul and friends
Tattoo ... Ark Analog, Future Islands, and a Secret Show
Yonge Dundas Square ... Mac DeMarco and SPOON!!!

Too. Much. Stimulation.

See ya on Sunday

NXNE Part 3 for Friday June 20/14

Hey everybody,

End of the week, more choices to be made.
If I was more nimble, I would be bouncing around like a little rubber Super Ball. (Remember those? Hard enough to bounce onto the roof and break an occasional window? ) (Heard it from a friend...)

Anyway, as I say over and over again, there are no wrong choices.
But these caught my eye, so here we go.

Bovine Sex Club ... Hands and Teeth, Drop Dead Pinups, Happy Fangs, Arson and others
Hideout ... Skinny Bitches, Gramercy Riffs, Ugly Club et al
The Great Hall ... cool lineup including Xiu Xiu !!!
M for 159 Manning ... starts after lunch with Bloodshot Bill, includes Death Hymn Nunber 9 , Xiu Xiu
                                    (they are on the move) Old Man Canyon and KCAccidental
Horseshoe Tavern ... Lunch! Music! with Royal Tusk, Danks, Rah Rah, Odds
Massey Hall ... (limited walk up) with Barr Brothers and Spiritualized
Rancho Relaxo ... Hospital and others
Rivoli ... and Sidney York with friends galore
Wrongbar ... Tei Shi and Ark Analog plus so much more
Yonge Dundas Square ... FREE .. Eagulls, Swans ! St. Vincent!

But don't take my word for it.
Check out the schedulizer online at

On to Saturday, my friends...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

NXNE Part 2

Hey folks,

It's getting more difficult to make those decisions, but with a blindfold and a pencil, it's possible to do so.
Here are some that caught my eye.

Baltic Avenue ... The This Many Boyfriends Club, Tei Shi, Marble Lion, Mimico and others
Bovine Sex Club... Drugs in Japan, Sumo Cyco (Indie Week winner) and lots more
Dakota Tavern ... The Lovely Feathers (loads of fun) , Sea Oleena and friends
Hideout ... Kill Matilda, The Demos, Falling Androids et al
Lees' Palace ... The Pizza Underground (silly), Shannon and The Clams
Massey Hall... (if you were thinking ahead) Weaves, Tobacco, tUnE-yArDs
Mod Club ...PS I Love you and others
The Rivoli ... Fevers, Sidney York and friends
Silver Dollar Room ... Diamond Bones, Language Arts, Julie fader, Seoul, Heat etc. **
Tranzac ... Lorraine Segato among others
Yonge/Dundas Square ... FREE... Odonis Odonis, Sleigh Bells, Golden Teacher, Danny Brown

And if you are a pirate at heart, There's always VICE Island, but count for slow ferry transport there and back.

See you later for Friday's line up!

NXNE In Progress 2014

Hey everybody,

Although technically, NXNE started a few ago, there were a reasonable number of events and artists from which to chose. If you are a diehard festival goer, it was not impossible to float about and see what there was to see, hear what there was to hear.

As of Wednesday, though, it gets hard.

So here are my picks for things to consider. As I always sa, all choices are sound ones.
Read the list, mull it over, and go your own way.

The Cameron ...Painted Saints, Amity Beach and others. Depends on how late you stay out on a school                             night
The Garrison... Thoughts on Air, Thus Owls (Montreal is well represented this festival)
The Hideout... Go for the Eyes, Big Name Actors (will be playing them on the show)
The Horsehoe ...Mutual Benefit, LOW (midnite to 1 am...hard time for a Wednesday)(dammit)
The Rivoli ... Bugs In The Dark, Amos The Transparent, Royal Tusk and friends
Wrongbar...  Mysteries, Parallals, Foxtrott and others.  Solid show

And who doesn't love a secret show? That would be The Tattoo at 1 am.

Tomorrow is another day. More completely unbiased suggestions for you listening pleasure.

Friday, 13 June 2014

NXNE Fill In Show June 14 5-6 pm


Fill in spot today but what a playlist!

With NXNE this week, Ruby Slippers wasn't going to be long enough to even scratch the surface of what to expect! So there we go, with a little taste of some of the bands that will be playing in TO during the event!

Was It Worth It ... Mama Kin
City Sublet (Dave Carswell mix) ... Slow Down Molasses * NXNE
As far As You Can Run ... Amos The Transparent * NXNE
Rooms ...Heat * NXNE
See the light ... Walking Motionless *
Cold & Alcohol ... Army Girls * NXNE
Something Like Summer ... Diamond Bones * NXNE
Suburban Ruffian ... Stained Glass Army * NXNE
Shields ... Foxtrott * NXNE
Babel ... Gdansk *
White Morning ... Seoul * NXNE
Emily ... Mary and The Black Lamb *
Gypsy Road ... Hollowbodies *
Take Me Higher ... Old Man Canyon * NXNE
Ghost Coast ... Zords * NXNE

WOW ! Stay tuned for part 2 next Friday at 7 on Ruby Slippers.
And as always, thanks for listening.

*That's a lot of Cancon

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ruby Slippers for June 13 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

As next week is NXNE, I have one more partial week to prepare the festival playlist. I will post it early (likely on the weekend) as well as day by day picks for the schedule. But let's just take a deep breath, (Breathe In, Breathe Out...that's it) and listen to some old favorites and some soon to be new favorites.


(I thought so too)

Walking Spanish ... Tom Waits
Sixteen Tons ... Anna Domino
Rabbit Habbits ... Man Man
Miracle ... Run the Red Light *
Save Your Mama ... The Pecan Sandies *
Free 'n Easy ... Diemonds *
I Put A Spell On You ... The Kills (couldn't resist, sorry!)
Sooner Or Later ... Cricket *
Im Estado ... All Of Your Friends *
Hail Of Arrows ... Raised By Swans *
Youth ... Beach Fossils
Tessellate ... Tokyo Police Club * (truthfully, it's the only thing I have by them)
To A Crowd ... Modern Creatures *
Dracula Variations ... Zygote
An Unfortunate Invention ... Benjamin Sheridan
Over The Rainbow ... James Kasper * (I'm a sucker for this song)

That's the list. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Next week, festival mayhem

And as always thanks for listening

*loads of Cancon

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ruby Slippers for June 6 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This week's a marathon for Ruby Red! Coming hot off the fill-in on Wednesday, am totally energized for this week's show! Tons of Canadian goodness, and can almost guarantee that you won't recognize most of the playlist. It's an adventure! It's exciting! At times it's kinda scary! And it's sunny outside! (sorry couldn't help myself)

Here goes,

Kicking The Habit ... Trained By Aliens *
Into The Deep ... Arietta *
Second Chance ... Ark Analog *
Indio ... Matt Mays *
Tweakhead ... Rian Riot *
Map of Tansmania ... Amanda Palmer
M.A.G.I.C.  .... The Sound Of Arrows
Pass This On (Dahlback and Dahlback remix) ... The Knife
Balckhole ... Streetlight Marathon *
Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood remix)... The Kills
The Funeral Tango ... Vampire Bats *
This Town ... James Kasper *
In The Middle ... Lily & Madeleine 
You Can't Fix This ... Stevei Nicks, Dave Grohl et al 

Hope the show launched you into an amazing and surprising weekend.
(Who doesn't like surprises, right?)

And as always thanks for listening.


Phil Inn from 10-midnite June 4 /14

Hey everybody!
I am stepping off the Yellow Brick Road to do a fill in tonight. Originally it was going to be all Goth-Prog all the time, but things have a strange way of winding and twisting and coming back on themselves. You will notice Mr. Gabriel is well represented. And a whole lot of brand spanking new (to me, anyhow) Canadian stuff. There's even a Gothic Funk number.
So, follow me down the Rabbit Hole and enjoy the free fall.

Here goes...

Beat And The Pulse... Austra *
She Gave Me Water ... Gothic Funk The Mixed Meta One *
Tweakhead ... Rian Riot *
Excellent Birds ... Laurie Anderson
Close Up ... Peter Gabriel
There's Hope Yet ... Raisd By Swans *
Transparency is the New Mystery ... Marnie Stern
Don't Forget My Birthday ... Viami Mice *
Als H Tte Ich Das Alles Schon 'mal ... A.R. & Machines (I don't know what it means either)
So Said The Lighthouse Keeper ... Klaatu * (you KNEW I couldn't leave these guys out)
Animal Magic ... Peter Gabriel
On Bedford and Grand ... The Besnard Lakes *
Ruins of The City ... The Silence Industry *
Tribute to Wicca (Sting) ... Wandering *
Abound ... Zintek *
Oreiades ... Monica Richards
All You Say ... Diavoloops *
Blood On The Dance Floor  ... Lost Fate *
Psychic Seasons ... Quest For Fire *
Carpet Of The Sun ... Renaissance
An Angel's Whisper ... Deliver The Sin *
The Unborn Byron ... Slapp Happy
Aphrodite ... Phedre *
Inside Its Cloak The Ocean Tide Held.... Aural Method
Violet... Birthday Massacre *
Take The Long Road and Walk It ... The Music
Catherine of Aragon ... Rick Wakeman (the ultimate keyboard wizard)
Silent Talking ... YES

Thanks for listening