Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Phil Inn from 10-midnite June 4 /14

Hey everybody!
I am stepping off the Yellow Brick Road to do a fill in tonight. Originally it was going to be all Goth-Prog all the time, but things have a strange way of winding and twisting and coming back on themselves. You will notice Mr. Gabriel is well represented. And a whole lot of brand spanking new (to me, anyhow) Canadian stuff. There's even a Gothic Funk number.
So, follow me down the Rabbit Hole and enjoy the free fall.

Here goes...

Beat And The Pulse... Austra *
She Gave Me Water ... Gothic Funk The Mixed Meta One *
Tweakhead ... Rian Riot *
Excellent Birds ... Laurie Anderson
Close Up ... Peter Gabriel
There's Hope Yet ... Raisd By Swans *
Transparency is the New Mystery ... Marnie Stern
Don't Forget My Birthday ... Viami Mice *
Als H Tte Ich Das Alles Schon 'mal ... A.R. & Machines (I don't know what it means either)
So Said The Lighthouse Keeper ... Klaatu * (you KNEW I couldn't leave these guys out)
Animal Magic ... Peter Gabriel
On Bedford and Grand ... The Besnard Lakes *
Ruins of The City ... The Silence Industry *
Tribute to Wicca (Sting) ... Wandering *
Abound ... Zintek *
Oreiades ... Monica Richards
All You Say ... Diavoloops *
Blood On The Dance Floor  ... Lost Fate *
Psychic Seasons ... Quest For Fire *
Carpet Of The Sun ... Renaissance
An Angel's Whisper ... Deliver The Sin *
The Unborn Byron ... Slapp Happy
Aphrodite ... Phedre *
Inside Its Cloak The Ocean Tide Held.... Aural Method
Violet... Birthday Massacre *
Take The Long Road and Walk It ... The Music
Catherine of Aragon ... Rick Wakeman (the ultimate keyboard wizard)
Silent Talking ... YES

Thanks for listening


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