Saturday, 30 May 2020

Ruby Slippers May 29 2020 7=8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Here we go. This one is pretty heavy. Don't really know why!


Now ... Sven Gali *
Cuba Time ... Elektric Mistress *
Fading ... The Slyde *
Close ft. Mikalyn and Xtro ... RQntZ & 30 Kingdom *
Close to Nature ... Rational Youth*
Lingua Cosmica ...Dream Aria *
Can't See The Light ... Wolfhounds
Jet Fighter .. Royal Chant (new)
Two Times A Charm ... Alex Nicol *
Elegy Simulacra ... Alizarin
Your Voice on Tape ... TV Sets *
Lawnmover ... Sparks (new)
Family Affair ... Iggy Pop (recorded on his last birthday!)

Thanks for listening!

Be safe and always be kind


Thursday, 21 May 2020

Ruby Slippers May 22 2020 7-8 pm in lockdown

Hey hey everybody

More songs from the crypt. Some new and exclusive stuff too.

Enjoy safely!

Let's Spend the Night Together ... David Bowie
Body of Work ... The Mynabirds
Let's Shake ... Teenage Head *
Teenage Lobotomy ... Ramones
Distance ... Vancougar *
The Ballad of ... King Khan and the BBQ Show *
The Night ... In/Vertigo *
Five Years (Bowie cover) ... Church of Trees * (bonus)
Things Fall Apart ... Random Order *
dj on the radio ...nytyly
Heartbeat ... Church of Trees *
Movement 1 (Phoenix Rising) ... Her Motives Are Silent *
Fade to Black (Metallica cover) ... The Reticent
Every Day Is Exactly the Same ... NIN
Snowflake ... Stoner Pop

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 14 May 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT May 15 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Hope you are all hanging in there. It has been a very long haul but somehow the days are getting shorter. Is it the sunshine, the new routines or just all the music?

Well, here's the playlist for this week.

Church of the Louder Light ... Shriekback
New Day New World ... The Spoons * (check out the video released May 1 for this one0
Always Remind You ... Mind Cinema *
Genius of Love ... Tom Tom Club (request)
Hold On We're Going Home (Drake cover) ... Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS *
Obedear ... Purity Ring *
Painted In Gold ft. Bertie Blackman ... Strange Talk
A Lesson In Crime ...Tokyo Police Club *
On The Regular ... The Vaniers *
Pity and Fear ... Death Cab for Cutie
I'm Alright ... Eric Schenkman *
Take Me Closer to the Light ... Paul Royes *
A Criminal Mind (cover of Gowan) ... Moonlight Desires *
The Abyss ... Robyn Hitchcock

Thanks for listening.

Be safe my friends. And always be kind.


Friday, 8 May 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio May 8 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Continuing on with the home grown shows, here's the new playlist.
Hope you are staying safe and positive!

Maximum Acceleration ... Ultravox
Taxes ... Ubre Blanca
Everything is Stopping ... greg clarke * (new)
Sunny Afternoon ... The Kinks
Curse of Too Many Options ... Dom Fricot *
How Blue Is Your Hell ... James Kasper * (new)
Lingua Cosmica ... Dream Aria * (new )
You're Not An Island ... 6th Crowd
Hammer In My Heart ... Utopia
Evil ... Ladytron
Fields Test ... Krystle Love B *
Everest ... Komodo *
Friday Night Singers ... Lakes and Pines*
Total Eclipse ... Klaus Nomi

Thanks for listening!


Friday, 1 May 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio May 1 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Round 3? 4? of this home recorded show thing.
Gotta tell you I miss the whole live to air thing. There isn't the same adrenaline rush when things go sideways but then again, it is kinda nice to have redos.

Poster Child ... Bad Hoo *
Scary Waves ...Baltimore
And Then We Go ... Thunder Queens *
Rehab ... Amy Winehouse
No Work ... The Black Fever *
Donna ... Shaking Heads
Phantom's Theme (Beauty and the Beast) ... Paul Williams
Fighting Bulls ... Another Sky
Love Is A Virus ... lola demo
Makda ... Witch Prophet *
The New Water ...Pia Fraus
My New Baby ... Dates *
Corrupt Principles ... Cyanide Kiss *
This Is Not A Test ... Carole Pope *
Burn the Witch ... Radiohead
Motorcycle ... Madame Psychosis *

That's it for now!

*cancon, baby!