Thursday, 26 September 2019

Ruby Slippers Sept 27 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Here we are, the last Friday in September. It is now dark longer than it is light out. Spooky times ahead.

To keep the chill off, here is the playlist for this week. Although #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping isn't part of this show, our foreign correspondent, Nikki, has sent some cool new tracks for your perusal.


Land of Dead ... Elephant Stone * (new)
After Hours ... Caribou * (not so new)
Let's Work Together ... Canned Heat (really not so new)
Rockin The Blues Away ... Paul James Band *
To Some It Comes Easy ... Gentleman Reg *
By The Light Of The Moon ... The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
Cherry Twist ... The Crystal Method (work out to this album all the time)
I'll Be By Your Side .. (Grahm Zilla remix) ... Sally Shapiro *
Only You ... Teen Ravine *
Primitive Creatures ... Church of Trees *
Time ... WOLFS
Grace Under Pressure ...Final Hour
Coconut Night ... We Are Wolves *

There you go! See ya soon!


Friday, 20 September 2019

Dreaming In Stereo Fill in Sept 20 2019 6-7 pm

Here it is

I Will Survive ... Cake
Phoebe ... Organ Thieves *
Ancient Kids ... Bravestation *
Sick Of Me ... The Gentlemen Thieves *
Break The Spell   (Young Galaxy remix) ... Rachel Zeffira *
Pictures ... Ewart and the Two Dragons
New Creation ,,, Century Palm *
Headlights ... The Canards *
Blacklisted ... Neko Case
Want Too Much ...Huetensil
These Days Mean Nothing To Me ... The High Dials *
Twisted Head ...Rosewoods Diary *
Leaders of The Undersea World ... Odds *
Kool Aid Wino ... Megafauna

Thanks for listenng!


Thursday, 19 September 2019

Ruby Slippers Radio September 20 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Happy Fall Equinox! (Monday actually)

Colours change, furnaces everywhere prepare to roar to life, pumpkin spice is in absolutely everything.  So, folks, hunker down with a sweater and let's get on with some music to celebrate by.

Take My Closer to the Light ... Paul Royes *
Queens Will Play ...Black Mountain *
On Bedford and Grand ... The Besnard Lakes *
Believe ... L Con *
Rhiannon (cover) ... Best Coast
Cold ... Matt Dorgan Project *
Great Norther Road ... Eric & The Soo *
The Last Clean Shirt ... Paul James Band * (part of the Blues revival at the REVIVAL in TO tonite!)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da ... The Beatles

And now some punk

Earthquake Shake ... The Skunks
I'm A Bug ... The Urinals
Almost Ready ... The Normals
Sheena is a Punk Rocker ... Screwed *
Agitated ... Electric Eels

Back to regular programming... LOL

Hurricane ... Something Something Sound System
Dark secret ... Pedro Costa *

Ta Da! Thanks for listening


Friday, 13 September 2019

Ruby Slippers Sept 13 2019 ft, Ace of Wands

Hey everybody,

We are so lucky to have the folks from Ace of Wands with us again tonight.
Their playlist will from the list of tracks below.

Love Love Love ... Paul Royes * (new)
Sun Hits the Sky ... Supergrass
Lioness ... Ace of Wands *
Sweet Tea ... Beams * (Anna's band)
I'm Not Where You Are ... Marika Hackman
City of Lies ... Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins *
Shelter ... Mikal Cronin
Sunrise to Shadow Grey ... Ace of Wands*
Chrome (live) ... Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins *
Sixteen Doors ... Lee Rose *
True Love Will Find You In The End ... Daniel Johnston (RIP)

Live in studio
Fight Fly Submit Collapse Cry ... Lee Rose *

Thanks to AOW and to you, the listeners!


Mar on Music Fill In Sept 13 4-6 pm

Here is the playlist.

I Wasn't Made For Fighting ... Woodhands *
Honey Time ... Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw *
Dear Can ...!!!
Little Boy ... Vypers*
Vantom ... Zoo Owl *
Jaws Theme 2 ... Jean Daddy *
Weight of the World ... Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers *
Dome ... Hot Garbage *
Milk It ... Absolutely Free *
World Domination ... Electric Hydra
Swan Song ... Zoo Lion *
So Long To the Human Race ... Andrew La Tona *
The Spell ... Poppyseed and the Love Explosion *
The Bitter Ash ... The Disraelis *
Blue Skies are Black Again ... The 88
Wanderlust ... Boomvang *
I'd Do Anything for Love ... Dom Fricot *
Burning Chrome ... Greys *
Can't Keep ... Eddie Vedder
Endless Dive ... Anemone
Could Be You ... Yohawn Brown *
Hello reality ... Caffiends
Blue parasol ... Sunrise Beach
Notes from A Parole Hearing ... I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't *
Spin Our Wheels ... Sloan *
Why She Gotta ... Pete Van Dyk and the Second Hand Band *
Accountants Dream ... Entire Cities *
The News .... Falcon Jane *
Paranoimia ... Art of Noise

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Ruby Slippers September 6 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Here it is, the first week of September! Fall is upon us, the nights are cooling off, sweaters are back in circulation and everybody needs the comfort of music as we watch the world start to slow and begin a time of rest.

I think the playlist kinda reflects that.....

Heart's Gonna Bleed ... Christian and the Sinners *
Pinky's Dream ... David Lynch
Ice Age (ft Deadmau5) ... How to Destroy Angels *
Prestidigitation ... David Contin *
Blinding Light ... Your 33 Black Angels
Entrance Song ... The Black Angels
Ha Ha High Babe ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Song for Angels ... Great Lake Swimmers *
Angels ... Black Mountain *
Trust Me .... The Undecidable *
Telling Lies ... David Bowie
Genesis ... Grimes *
Letter .... Dizzy Mystics *

Thanks for listening