Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ruby Slippers June 24 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Having a rest from a couple of music weekends? I certainly am, kinda dogging it this week.
Lots 'o good music but from my own library rather than from new sources or a themed playlist.
I always keep a special tab in iTunes for things I haven't played in a while but always intend to.

Sometimes a girl has to just kick back and gather her thoughts with a cuppa.

So... here it is. ( I might mention though that the track by The Box Tiger is new new new.)

Friday On My Mind ...Earth Quake
Mechanical Lover ... Earth and Fire
Angels ... Black Mountain *
I Made The Law ... The Acorn *
After The Rain ... Little Dragon
Fire Walk With Me (doesn't this remind you of Twin Peaks?) ... Box Tiger *
Fragile Bird ... City and Colour *
So Wonderful Beautiful ... parker Bombshell * (check out their podcast Addictions and Other Vices)
I Can't Go For That ... Hall and Oates (or Hallando Ates, as it appeared on my credit card )
                                    (yes I am going to see them this week)
Reunion ... Papermaps *
Pipeline ... California Guitar Trio
Heartbeats ... The Knife (best. track. ever)
Cost of Living ... Satellite Hearts (from Philly)
Tell Mama ... Etta James

Next week, in honour of Canada Day, a show picked entirely from the dining room table. And 100%
True North goodness!

Thanks for listening


Sunday, 19 June 2016

NXNE Sunday Day Seven-o 2016

Hey everybody!

By now you no doubt could use a break from trying to figure out where to go.

As the last day of another great NXNE here are your choices, broken down for your listening pleasure.

Angry about Monday? Hard Luck Bar has Nails, God's hate, Full of Hell and Eternal Sleep. That about covers it.

Need a time to recharge before the week starts? Mod Club has A-WA and Kiki Rowe;
also The Drake has We The Mystic and others.  You are welcome.

Three cheers for the Tdot, a music city beyond compare.

Thanks for being part of it and as always, thanks for listening.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday for NXNE 2016 Day Six-o

As if there isn't enough to do on a regular Saturday, NXNE explodes with possibilities.

If you are of a mind to spend the night near a large body of water, Portlands is the place for you.
Between the Commish and the Canal stages, there are a boatload of acts that will keep you there for the duration including Land Of Talk, Dan Mangan, Mothr Mother, Born Ruffians, Zolas and so much more. The music starts sometime after 1 this afternoon, noise ordinances you know. Can't stay too long in the area as the evening progresses.

BUT this just means that you can then hit some of the clubs.

Velvet Underground included Elliot Vincent Jones and Doldrums in their lineup.

The Bovine, for those who are into something way heavier, include Sumo Cyco and Diemonds

The Horseshoe has a good lineup and ends the night with Cat and the Queen around 2 ish.

Silver Dollar Room presents Good Kid, Vypers and Tdot's own Black Fever (fan fav at CIUT)

Smiling Buddha has Honduras and So So Glos as well as a host of others

And the Great Hall has the Night Owl festival showcase of psychedelic goodness with the likes of Acid Dad, Shmu and Hot Garbage.

If all this doesn't turn your crank, not sure what will.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, 17 June 2016

NXNE Day Cinqo (Five-o)

Wow, kids!

Tonight is the first evening of the Portlands experience. Two stages, no waiting. Better have your wristbands ready to go. Whether it's the Commish stage or the Canal stage, there is loads to hear including the likes of Ghostface Killah. Nice evening to be down by the water.

But for those of us who are more club oriented, here are some unbiased and random picks. 

Lee's Palace has Diana, Cold Specks and Escondida

Hardluck Bar hosts Danny Rebel, The Beatdown, THE BRAINS and others.

Two words at the Bovine...Cancer Bats. Just saying.

Nocturne hosts Squid Lid and Peter Turns Pirate (in keeping with the Pirate radio thing, right?) among others

For a full list to choose from, run don't walk to

See you all tomorrow!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ruby Slippers June 17 NXNE playlist from 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Festival season continues with the twin brother to SXSE here in the Tdot.

Love this lineup and kudos to the organizers for trying something different this year.

(Please note: have included two new tracks NOT from NXNE just because they are awesome and because they are new)

I Won't Change ... Ballroom Babies * (new, not NXNE)
Stay Back ... The Brains *
Nerve Endings ... Eagulls
Whirring ... The Joy Formidable
O My Heart ... Mother Mother * (an oldie but goodie)
Destroyer ... King Khan and the Shrines *
Swooner ... The Zolas *
Time ... Fast Romantics *
Strange Attraction ... Diana *
The Faces on The Floor ... Elliott Vincent Jones *
Magic Carpet Ride ... Stonefield * (Cancon track, not band)
Leaves, Trees, Forest ... Dan Mangan *
Absisto ... Cold Specks *
Five Years ... Born Ruffians *

Go forth and support independent music!

Thanks for listening.


NXNE Day Quantro (Four-o)


Now it's getting harder to run from spot to spot...but you can always count of landing somewhere good, regardless of where you go.

If I could clone myself this is where I would be

Silver Dollar for Stonefield (will play on the show) Towers, Billy Moon

The Rivoli for Halifax Pop Explosion Showcase: First Ghost, Midday Swim, The Hunna

Lee's Palace ... Pere Ubu (something kinda rare)

The Horseshoe for King Khan and the Shrines and other awesome bands

Yonge/Dundas Square for free! from 4-7 bands including Fast Romantics (again on Friday's show)

Check out other options online at the NXNE website schedule.

Gamers are also on the move at YD Square today

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

NXNE Day Tres (Three-o)

Hey kids

It's Day three and there is Stuff to decide between.
Some of these artists will be on the show Friday, but I'm not telling who.
You will have to tune in and find out for yourselves.

In the meantime, here goes

Mod Club has Joy Formidable (wink wink)

The Garrison has  "supergroup" Tuns with members of Sloan, Superfriendz among others: with Kiwi Jr and Only Yours.

Silver Dollar  has solid lineup including Heaven's Muse

AND what Wednesday would be complete without a trip to the Bovine? Check out Islands and Empires as part of the night's entertainment.

All of this can be yours. Whatcha waiting for?

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday Day Uno for NXNE also Tuesday Day Two-o

Well, kids, it's that time of year when TO, undisputed Music City that it is, hosts our answer to that shindig in Austin.

Yup that's right.

 It's North By Norht East time and man oh man, the bands are coming out swinging.

Each day or so, yours truly will post some options for you. As always, this is not a popularity contest, just what looked interesting to yours truly. HOWEVER you will never ever ever go wrong with any of the shows, just sayin'.

And might I add that there are also other things to do, like gaming and conferences and stuff, but this is a music blog so that's what's going on here.

As a bit of a taste of the bands gathered together under the banner Clubland here's the link to some of their stories as compiled by the team at NXNE

And here's my list.

Monday starts off with a punch at the Legendary Horseshoe with Eagulls and others (see above band bio) What better way to start a week of music given that it's a school night?

Tuesday has a couple of options:

Horseshoe once again pulled out the stops with a rare collections of bands featuring MSTRKRFT
Rumour has it that this one has already sold out (wristbands not withstanding) but you just never know.

AND the Silver Dollar comes up strong with a solid lineup including Dead Projectionist and Moving Units. It's a fairly small venue so if this is your thang tonight, head out early.

A nice way to start the week, right? The choices are easy and good ones.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, might get weird.

See you then.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Ruby Slippers Bestival June 10 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Some excitement here,  next week starts NXNE but this weekend is Bestival, a two day celebration of music, performance, dancing and Silver Elvis to boot!
Therefore, this playlist features artists performing in that line up and next Friday will be entirely NXNE with a day by day fav pics starting on Monday. Look for that at 

Let's get going...I dare you to sit still....

Reality in Motion ... Tame Impala
After Life ... Tchami
Zoal, Face Dancer ... Grimes *
It's Only ... ODESZA
Acapulco ... Elliott Vincent Jones * (I am really liking this guy)
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) ... Smalltown DJS *
What Happened ... Thugli *
There's A Girl In The Corner ... The Twilight Sad ft. Robert Smith
Honey ... Swim Deep
Run Maggie Run ... Unlike Pluto
Joneszin' ... Shaun Frank *
Midevil ... Maddmon*
Pictures of You ... The Cure

Headliners are Tame Impala on Saturday, The Cure on Sunday.

There are so many more, this is just a taste.

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ruby Slippers for June 3/16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Greetings from the T Dot!
Gonna start off tonight with a mystery cut...this version of Over The Rainbow is both attributed to the Ramones and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Is someone putting someone on? you decide!

Then there's some of this and some of that including something new by Devil's Din and Radiohead.

Enjoy responsibly, however that might look.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... Me First and the Gimme Gimmes/Ramones (I don't know)
Berlin ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (personal favorite)
Madman ... Klaatu * (from the vault)
Feels Good To Me ... Red Amber Green  (very Passion Pitt-ish, don't you think?)
Dust Hymn ... Purity Ring *
Bontempi Latin ... Holy F**k *
Phaze Ulysses ... Devil's Din * (from Montreal, new)
Don't Talk To Me ... Korean Drama *
Lonely Boy ... Iggy Pop and Ginger Baker (from a tribute to the Black Keys)
So Long ... Jig The Alien
Cheap Music ... Handsome Furs *
Babes ... Icky Blossoms
Extreme to Me ... Kris Demeanor *
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Lucklucky ...Veda Hille *
Charmaine ... Mantovani (beautiful know I want to do a show of this stuff)

Kinda all over the place, just the way we like it, right?

Thanks for listening!


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dreaming in Stereo 8 pm June 1

Hi kids,

Here is the show playlist, straight from my dining room table to your ears (via the magic of broadcasting)

Black Lipstick ...Random Order *
Bad Mojo ... The Matadors *
Good Times ... Little House *
Notorious ... Apollo *
How Come... Feist * (just too lazy to fill in the rest, from the Metals album)
Me and Mine ... Short of Able *
That Little Part ... Christine Couture *
Frankston Group ... Youth Group
Grapevine Fires ... Death Cab For Cutie
Glimmer Shot ... Double Exposure *
I Don't Remember ... Peter Gabriel
Hummingbird ... Diatesseron *
Good Intentions ... Red Amber Green

Alex will be back next week, same Bat time same Bat channel.

Thanks for listening. See you Friday at 7