Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday Day Uno for NXNE also Tuesday Day Two-o

Well, kids, it's that time of year when TO, undisputed Music City that it is, hosts our answer to that shindig in Austin.

Yup that's right.

 It's North By Norht East time and man oh man, the bands are coming out swinging.

Each day or so, yours truly will post some options for you. As always, this is not a popularity contest, just what looked interesting to yours truly. HOWEVER you will never ever ever go wrong with any of the shows, just sayin'.

And might I add that there are also other things to do, like gaming and conferences and stuff, but this is a music blog so that's what's going on here.

As a bit of a taste of the bands gathered together under the banner Clubland here's the link to some of their stories as compiled by the team at NXNE

And here's my list.

Monday starts off with a punch at the Legendary Horseshoe with Eagulls and others (see above band bio) What better way to start a week of music given that it's a school night?

Tuesday has a couple of options:

Horseshoe once again pulled out the stops with a rare collections of bands featuring MSTRKRFT
Rumour has it that this one has already sold out (wristbands not withstanding) but you just never know.

AND the Silver Dollar comes up strong with a solid lineup including Dead Projectionist and Moving Units. It's a fairly small venue so if this is your thang tonight, head out early.

A nice way to start the week, right? The choices are easy and good ones.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, might get weird.

See you then.

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