Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dreaming in Stereo 8 pm June 1

Hi kids,

Here is the show playlist, straight from my dining room table to your ears (via the magic of broadcasting)

Black Lipstick ...Random Order *
Bad Mojo ... The Matadors *
Good Times ... Little House *
Notorious ... Apollo *
How Come... Feist * (just too lazy to fill in the rest, from the Metals album)
Me and Mine ... Short of Able *
That Little Part ... Christine Couture *
Frankston Group ... Youth Group
Grapevine Fires ... Death Cab For Cutie
Glimmer Shot ... Double Exposure *
I Don't Remember ... Peter Gabriel
Hummingbird ... Diatesseron *
Good Intentions ... Red Amber Green

Alex will be back next week, same Bat time same Bat channel.

Thanks for listening. See you Friday at 7


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