Saturday, 30 June 2012

Playlist for June 30 5-6 pm

Happy Canada Day Weekend!!!!
In honour of the holiday, here is a ton of Canadian songs that are incredible.......

Little Bird     Hexes and Ohs
Hold on to the Metal     Royal Canoe
These Days Mean Nothing to Me     High Dials
At the Finish Line     Jenn Grant
Broken    Katie Stelmanis
Violent Dreams     Crystal Castles
Eli     Caribou
You Can't Take Anyone    Castlemusic
All You Bellydancers! Unite!      Amos The Transparent
I've Been Away     Museum Pieces
Feedback In The Field     Plants and Animals

and then some more awesome tunes!

I'm Good  I'm Gone     Lykke Li
I Wanna Mike It Wit Chu    Desert Sessions
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret     Queens of The Stoneage
Ropes That Fall     Dirty Ghosts

and to introduce Vinyl Crypt

Alice's Restaurant   ARLO GUTHRIE

Stay tuned for more fun as the weeks unfold.  Next show on Friday June 6 from 6-8 pm.
Thanks for listening.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Playlist for June 29 6-8 pm

Hey everybody!
It looks as if there was a spot to fill tonight, so here I am!  The start to a long weekend, the official beginning of the long lazy summer for some of us, and a break in the action to celebrate Canada's birthday!
Packed as many Canadian songs, songs of summer now and past and general fun into this show as I could!

Great DJ    The Ting Tings  (Bought this CD in NYC on a summer getaway)
Nighthawks    Two Hours Traffic  ( A dynamite act for the summer)
We are Beautiful We Are Doomed     Los Campesinos
Tell A Lie    Murder Plans
Stay Here A While    Paper Lions
Hoeing Weeds  Sewing Seeds    Russian Futuruists
I Can't Sleep At Night    Deadly Snakes
Have you Seen in Your Dreams    Miracle Fortress
Paranoimia    Art of Noise
Funk Ad    Daft Punk
Nights Out  (Guy Dallas Remix)    Cults
Odessa    Caribou   (Favorite song, no joke)
Birth of Serpents    Mountain Goats
Total Life Forever    Foals
Kisu Kisu    Qualite Motel   (I share a passion for this band with Talia Newman)
Fast Peter    Moonface
Too Beautiful To Work    Luyas
Downtown    Destroyer
Key Sparrow    Peaking Lights
Somebody I Used To Know     Walk Off The Earth  (Do you think it sounds a bit like the Police?)
Ship of Fools      F***ed Up
Be Forewarned    Blackout Beach
Eleven     Thao and Mirah
God Dammed     Girls  ( yes I know I spelled it wrong...just trying to be polite)
Jarhand    Immaculate Machines  (Like this album a lot)
Dissembler     Woodhands
Creep On Creepin On    Timber Timbre
Violent Dream    Crystal Castles
Shoot The Water     Austra

That's the final list, folks.  Thanks for listening.
See you tomorrow at 5 pm.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Playlist for June 23 5-6 pm

I'm back for another Saturday fill in and there are some real gems, just sayin'.
If you would like to hear something on a future gig, please leave a comment after the post.

Leaf House....Animal Collective
Crossed Wires.....The Acorn    (check out this YouTube will be glad you did!)
City With No Children....Arcade Fire
Babylon....Aphrodite's Child
Streets of Derry.....The Trees
Guide for the Married Man.....The Turtles  (this sends certain friends into fits of laughter)
Target.....Anna Domino
Excellent Birds.....Laurie Anderson   (I am enjoying all the excellent birds coming to the feeder right now)
Map Of The World (Part 1).....Jane Siberry
Can You Hear Me?.....Azalea
Ophelia's Shadow.....Toyah  (Does she sound like Kate Bush to you?)
Black Cloud.....Little Scream  (can't get this album out of my head)
Sunshine Superman.....Donovan

There may also be some A.C. Newman (Miracle Drug) in there somewhere.  I will try to follow the list.
Promise. Cross my heart.  (but it's not always possible in the heat of the moment.)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Playlist for June 16 5-6 pm

It's an awesome day here in Toronto, what with NXNE, and what better way to warm up for it than listening to a real mix of music.  Of course, I could not do this show without a passing nod to The Flaming Lips...

Temporary Blues     The Features
Straight Street    Fiery Furnaces
2012    PS I Love You
Kool Thing    Sonic Youth
Fight Test    THE LIPS!!!!!   (hope you made it to Dundas Square)
Don't Care    Ophelia Syndrome
The Truth Is No Words    The Music  (what ever happened to this band?)
Even    RIBS
Under The Knife    The Rural Alberta Adventage
Dying In Africa    Sally Shapiro
Spellwork    Austra
Lizzard Crawl    The Future Sound of London
St. Petersburg    Wilderness of Manitoba
Morning Fog    Kate Bush
Undisclosed Desires    Muse
Sanctified    Nine Inch Nails
Saint James    Snakefarm

This may be a bit longer than the actual program, but in order to save time and get to the festival, I am posting early.....See you soon!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Playlist for June 14 10-Midnight!

Ghosts in the playlist tonight! A few cuts were reversed, but this is the real deal.
There's something old and something new, also borrowed.  No blue, though.

                                         HOUR ONE

Born To Be Wild    Steppenwolf
Pipline    California Guitar Trio  (live recording of them opening for King Crimson)
Mute    Canopy Climbers
Worm and Rattlesnake    Godley and Creme
Seven Veils    Chris Cutler and Lutz Glandien
Broken    Katie Stelmanis
Forever One   Gowan
Eggs and Their Shells    Cocteau Twins
Building the Colossus    Happy Rhodes  (get it? nudge, nudge)
We have Everything   (Unknown Mortal Orchestra)   Young Galaxy
Lashes Of An Actress    Hexes and Ohs
Eden (Can't Get This Body Thing Right)  Jane Siberry
Seems So Far   Jets Overhead
Friday On My Mind   Earth Quake
Black Camera   Wintersleep
Sure Can Start   Two Hours Traffic
Falling Out (Rick Agnew cover) You Say Party We Say Die
That Great Love Sound   The Ravonettes

                                   HOUR TWO

Insider Trading (On Outsider Art)   Library Voices
Echo Bay    Ohbijou
Always Fade   Low
Guyegaros    Little Scream   (The start of a wierd and wonderful set)
Walk With A Crutch   The Russian Futurists
Cinco De Mayo   Marnie Stern
Machine Gun    Portishead  (dedicated to a special soul)
Caught In A Loop    Royal Canoe
Output    Neon Grey  (reversed these two: ghosts at work)
Keep It Real    Plants and Animals
Against All Odds   The Postal Service  (another reversal...more ghostly shenanigans) (sounds like JT)
Strange Vacation    Quest For Fire
Second Nature   Random Hold
Ahir/Now (short)    lightsweetcrude
Musique    Daft Punk

And finito.  Bye bye.  Ghosts be gone and out into the night.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Playlist for June 9 5-6 pm

    A rainy and then sunny and then generally silly Saturday afternoon.
    The acoustic ceiling tile fell part way through the first 10 minute. Thankfully no
    programmers were lost...

10 Jahre Lebensl Niglich     A.R. and Machines
Audio Verite    Echolyn
Purple Haze    Frank Zappa  (a must listen)
Electric Avenue     Woodhands  (ditto)
Primary   The Cure
I Just Wanna Get Along   The Breeders
As We Lay Dying   Museum Pieces
Golden Years   The Russian Futurists
Heinz  (Artery Cover)  Little Girls
Bela Lugoli's Dead   Bauhaus    ( a personal favorite..brings back fond memories)
Ma Man   Allan Holdsworth
You Won't Miss Me     Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
Grotto (Mingan, QC)  Sebastien Grainger et al  (National Parks Project)
Dreamer   Jenn Grant
Killing Time   Jets Overhead
Title Track   Amos the Transparent
Slave To the Rhythm    Grace Jones    ( All hail Grace!!!)

     A good time was had by all.

Playlist for June 8 6-8 pm.

     Lots of upbeat fun!
               HOUR 1

Blues        Heath McNease
Gotta Shake That Thing   Leon redbone
Plath Heart   The Braids
Baby's On Fire       Eno
Surrenderer       empires
Cemetary      Headstones
Cults      Little Girls
Dubai        Neon Grey
Travelling      Paper Lions
The Gayest of Sunbeams    Pink Mountaintops
Pap Smear      Crystal Castles
Keep Your Head Up    Eagles Of Death Metal
Paper Tiger    Spoon
03  hap-b   tUnE-YaRdS
Smells Like Teen Spirit    Winter Gloves
We Have Everything (Grimes Remix)    young Galaxy

                   HOUR 2
Obedear  Purity Ring
Smile On Me   Passion Pit
Heartbeats   The Knife
Little Bit   Lykke Li
Ship Going Down (Let's Go!  Let's Go!)   Hexes and Ohs
Cockatrice   Final Fantasy
Kiss With A Fist   Florence + The Machine
Illumination   Gogol Bordello
Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of the Moon   The Nice
Le Jazz Libre   The Hylozoists
Leave A Message  Neon Tetra
Nancy and the Girdle Boy   KC Accidental
Month of May  Arcade Fire
After hours Caribou

There are occasionally changes on the fly when things really heat up, but this is pretty close....

Hello and Welcome

Greetings, listeners of CIUT!
I am a volunteer at an awesome community radio station, located in the heart of the Big City, at the University of Toronto campus.  I feel very grateful to be afforded the opportunity to do music programming live on a fill in basis, while certain time slots await their exciting new shows.
As I have had some calls about the playlists, however, I thought it fitting to let you in on the magical mix of stuff that makes up my pop up show.  So, folks, here goes.  I will go back a few weeks to bring you up to speed, and then update each week.
If there is something you have never heard before, be bold! Seek it out! and join me on the quest for the perfect mix.
A true salamagundi!