Saturday, 23 June 2012

Playlist for June 23 5-6 pm

I'm back for another Saturday fill in and there are some real gems, just sayin'.
If you would like to hear something on a future gig, please leave a comment after the post.

Leaf House....Animal Collective
Crossed Wires.....The Acorn    (check out this YouTube will be glad you did!)
City With No Children....Arcade Fire
Babylon....Aphrodite's Child
Streets of Derry.....The Trees
Guide for the Married Man.....The Turtles  (this sends certain friends into fits of laughter)
Target.....Anna Domino
Excellent Birds.....Laurie Anderson   (I am enjoying all the excellent birds coming to the feeder right now)
Map Of The World (Part 1).....Jane Siberry
Can You Hear Me?.....Azalea
Ophelia's Shadow.....Toyah  (Does she sound like Kate Bush to you?)
Black Cloud.....Little Scream  (can't get this album out of my head)
Sunshine Superman.....Donovan

There may also be some A.C. Newman (Miracle Drug) in there somewhere.  I will try to follow the list.
Promise. Cross my heart.  (but it's not always possible in the heat of the moment.)

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