Thursday, 14 June 2012

Playlist for June 14 10-Midnight!

Ghosts in the playlist tonight! A few cuts were reversed, but this is the real deal.
There's something old and something new, also borrowed.  No blue, though.

                                         HOUR ONE

Born To Be Wild    Steppenwolf
Pipline    California Guitar Trio  (live recording of them opening for King Crimson)
Mute    Canopy Climbers
Worm and Rattlesnake    Godley and Creme
Seven Veils    Chris Cutler and Lutz Glandien
Broken    Katie Stelmanis
Forever One   Gowan
Eggs and Their Shells    Cocteau Twins
Building the Colossus    Happy Rhodes  (get it? nudge, nudge)
We have Everything   (Unknown Mortal Orchestra)   Young Galaxy
Lashes Of An Actress    Hexes and Ohs
Eden (Can't Get This Body Thing Right)  Jane Siberry
Seems So Far   Jets Overhead
Friday On My Mind   Earth Quake
Black Camera   Wintersleep
Sure Can Start   Two Hours Traffic
Falling Out (Rick Agnew cover) You Say Party We Say Die
That Great Love Sound   The Ravonettes

                                   HOUR TWO

Insider Trading (On Outsider Art)   Library Voices
Echo Bay    Ohbijou
Always Fade   Low
Guyegaros    Little Scream   (The start of a wierd and wonderful set)
Walk With A Crutch   The Russian Futurists
Cinco De Mayo   Marnie Stern
Machine Gun    Portishead  (dedicated to a special soul)
Caught In A Loop    Royal Canoe
Output    Neon Grey  (reversed these two: ghosts at work)
Keep It Real    Plants and Animals
Against All Odds   The Postal Service  (another reversal...more ghostly shenanigans) (sounds like JT)
Strange Vacation    Quest For Fire
Second Nature   Random Hold
Ahir/Now (short)    lightsweetcrude
Musique    Daft Punk

And finito.  Bye bye.  Ghosts be gone and out into the night.


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