Friday, 29 June 2012

Playlist for June 29 6-8 pm

Hey everybody!
It looks as if there was a spot to fill tonight, so here I am!  The start to a long weekend, the official beginning of the long lazy summer for some of us, and a break in the action to celebrate Canada's birthday!
Packed as many Canadian songs, songs of summer now and past and general fun into this show as I could!

Great DJ    The Ting Tings  (Bought this CD in NYC on a summer getaway)
Nighthawks    Two Hours Traffic  ( A dynamite act for the summer)
We are Beautiful We Are Doomed     Los Campesinos
Tell A Lie    Murder Plans
Stay Here A While    Paper Lions
Hoeing Weeds  Sewing Seeds    Russian Futuruists
I Can't Sleep At Night    Deadly Snakes
Have you Seen in Your Dreams    Miracle Fortress
Paranoimia    Art of Noise
Funk Ad    Daft Punk
Nights Out  (Guy Dallas Remix)    Cults
Odessa    Caribou   (Favorite song, no joke)
Birth of Serpents    Mountain Goats
Total Life Forever    Foals
Kisu Kisu    Qualite Motel   (I share a passion for this band with Talia Newman)
Fast Peter    Moonface
Too Beautiful To Work    Luyas
Downtown    Destroyer
Key Sparrow    Peaking Lights
Somebody I Used To Know     Walk Off The Earth  (Do you think it sounds a bit like the Police?)
Ship of Fools      F***ed Up
Be Forewarned    Blackout Beach
Eleven     Thao and Mirah
God Dammed     Girls  ( yes I know I spelled it wrong...just trying to be polite)
Jarhand    Immaculate Machines  (Like this album a lot)
Dissembler     Woodhands
Creep On Creepin On    Timber Timbre
Violent Dream    Crystal Castles
Shoot The Water     Austra

That's the final list, folks.  Thanks for listening.
See you tomorrow at 5 pm.

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