Thursday, 27 August 2015

Catwoman Fill In Show August 28 6-7 pm

Hey fellow babies!


Catwoman is out on a prowl tonite and I have snuck into the studio to play a while. She will be back soon, (just don't let the cat out of the bag, OK?)

Here's tonite's playlist

One Way ... Hank Davis * (early Canadian rockabilly legend, hard to find his stuff)
Life Begins at 4 O'Clock ... Tooter Boatman (obscure rockabilly)
The Girl Can't Help it ... Rusty York (obscure rockabilly)
Shimmy Shorts ... Christian D *
Hold My Body Down ... CATL *
Chatterbox ... New York Dolls
Sold My Soul ... The Lucky Ones *
Song of Everything ... White Hills
Straight Shot ... League of Wolves *
Robots, Master & Lady ... Wax Mannequin *
Go Back To Go ... Johnny Thunders
My Idea of Fun ... Gemma Rogers and The Mil Men
Breakdown ... Tara Baswani *
Mango ... Highs *
Beach Demon ... Waaves
Insideout ... Radio Moscow

Slinking off to do Ruby Slippers now.....

Thanks for listening

Ruby Slippers August 28 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Where has the summer gone? So much excitement around the city, free music everywhere we turned.
But never fear, there is always more where that came from.
To continue the tuneful times, remember to love your radio!

This week's playlist coming right up.

Mojo Thunder ...The Peach Kings
Spooky ... The Vampire Bats *
She Just laid There ... Danny F. Santos *
Summer Dress ... July Talk *
Casual Friday ... Summer and Youth *
Way Down ... Waxmen *
I Love Living In The City ... The Nasties *
Little Black Book ... The Dollyrots (NEW)
Beater ... Waterbodies *
Untravelled Road ... Thousand Foot Crunch *
The Cold Escape ... Amos The Transparent *
Paper Wings ... Derek Olive * (at the Free Times Cafe Sat. August 29th, Toronto)
You Got The Rock ... Christian DeArmond *
Fire In The Back Room ... The Folk *
Memories That You Call ... ODESZA *
You .. For Esme *

Always remember, CIUT has your back. Alternative ideas, alternative music, independent spirit!

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ruby Slippers for August 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

The show is preempted this week for a live broadcast of Summerfolk, a music festival in Owen Sound.

Back next week, and will even be filling in for Catwoman from 6-7 to boot!

Thanks for listening!

Carol B

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ruby Slippers August 14 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Ever have one of those weeks where every time you think you are done something, you go back and change it?  For some reason it never really seems finished? Well, that was this week's playlist, and to be honest, I am still not really really 110% sure this is it.

However, for now, at least, here it is. Took a lot of twists and turns...

Cosa Nostra ... Johnny Thunders
If I Die With My Eyes Open ...Swampcandy
Hot Topic ... Le Tigre
Lookin On The Floor Of The Love Shack ... DJ Godfather vs. B52s
Gateway Blues ... Catl *
Karma Chameleon ... Culture Club (see what I mean?)
Life's A Gas (cover Marc Bolan) ... Greg Clarke * 
You Make The Sun Fry ... Ty Segall
Dark Matter White Noise ... The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
Breakdown ... Tara Baswani * (in concert this week in TO)
Straight Shot ... League of Wolves *
Misery Loves Company ... The Trews *
Road Dog ... The Lucky Ones *
Hang on To Yourself ... Young Galaxy *
So Fortunate ... TV Sets *
Woman Dreaming ... Xavier Rudd

Egads. Is this what writer's block feels like?

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

RubySlippers August 7 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Wow. It's already August.

Good Lord.

Well, when there's nothing to say, bring on the music.

Who Needs Ya ... Steppenwolf *
Changing ... Dave Cormier * (new)
Sun Tockin' ... Handsome Ned * (passed too soon)
Nappu Dugout ... Funkadelic (kinda different for this show)
Vices... Black Lady Soul *
Bassically ... Tei Shi *
You Satellite ... Wilco (FINALLY made the list)
Things I Don't Remember ... Ugly Casanova
Pirates (Can't All Sail The Indian Ocean) ... Forest City Lovers *
Convince The Mayor ... Amos The Transparent *
Milo of Kroton ... Cutaways
Gidget Goes To Hell....Suburban Lawns
Don't Cry For Me ... Zombies
Long Live Rock ... The Who
Walk Away Strut ... Womb *

Thanks for listening.


Hold Out Your Hand ... Chris Squire will be played next week as a tribute to an outstanding musician.