Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday for NXNE 2016 Day Six-o

As if there isn't enough to do on a regular Saturday, NXNE explodes with possibilities.

If you are of a mind to spend the night near a large body of water, Portlands is the place for you.
Between the Commish and the Canal stages, there are a boatload of acts that will keep you there for the duration including Land Of Talk, Dan Mangan, Mothr Mother, Born Ruffians, Zolas and so much more. The music starts sometime after 1 this afternoon, noise ordinances you know. Can't stay too long in the area as the evening progresses.

BUT this just means that you can then hit some of the clubs.

Velvet Underground included Elliot Vincent Jones and Doldrums in their lineup.

The Bovine, for those who are into something way heavier, include Sumo Cyco and Diemonds

The Horseshoe has a good lineup and ends the night with Cat and the Queen around 2 ish.

Silver Dollar Room presents Good Kid, Vypers and Tdot's own Black Fever (fan fav at CIUT)

Smiling Buddha has Honduras and So So Glos as well as a host of others

And the Great Hall has the Night Owl festival showcase of psychedelic goodness with the likes of Acid Dad, Shmu and Hot Garbage.

If all this doesn't turn your crank, not sure what will.

See you tomorrow.

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