Friday, 13 June 2014

NXNE Fill In Show June 14 5-6 pm


Fill in spot today but what a playlist!

With NXNE this week, Ruby Slippers wasn't going to be long enough to even scratch the surface of what to expect! So there we go, with a little taste of some of the bands that will be playing in TO during the event!

Was It Worth It ... Mama Kin
City Sublet (Dave Carswell mix) ... Slow Down Molasses * NXNE
As far As You Can Run ... Amos The Transparent * NXNE
Rooms ...Heat * NXNE
See the light ... Walking Motionless *
Cold & Alcohol ... Army Girls * NXNE
Something Like Summer ... Diamond Bones * NXNE
Suburban Ruffian ... Stained Glass Army * NXNE
Shields ... Foxtrott * NXNE
Babel ... Gdansk *
White Morning ... Seoul * NXNE
Emily ... Mary and The Black Lamb *
Gypsy Road ... Hollowbodies *
Take Me Higher ... Old Man Canyon * NXNE
Ghost Coast ... Zords * NXNE

WOW ! Stay tuned for part 2 next Friday at 7 on Ruby Slippers.
And as always, thanks for listening.

*That's a lot of Cancon

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