Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 1 April 18th

Hey everybody!

Am on my second cup of coffee. Battery's nearly out on the laptop. Still nowhere near finished listening to all the artists on deck for today. Good thing? Daunting thing?

As in previous years, I will post picks for each day of the festival and as in previous years, I will stress that these are merely suggestions. Every band has earned the right to be here because they are awesome. You can't go wrong regardless of where you decide to land! If I could hijack the station for a day, I would love to do continuous programming of all the artists from this year's CMW line up. There, I said it.

However, as one can't be everywhere at once, here are a few to consider.

Adelaide Hall  8 pm start
  -The Danger Bees, Honest Heart Collective and others

Mod Club 7 pm start
  -Modern Space, Dead Projectionists plus a whole lot more

Drake Underground 7 pm start
  -Bink, Toito (from Hamilton) as part of a great lineup

Silver Dollar 8 pm start
  -Knifey, ZOOBOMBS! yes, you read that right

Rivoli  8 pm start
   -Exit Someone, Seazoo (from Wales ) very interesting card

Bovine Sex Club 7 pm start
  -Huaraches and friends Who doesn't want to start off with a little surf? Hmmm???

Full schedule is here:  www.cmw.net and frankly, as with all selections, these are a result of personal familiarity with the bands listed.

BE BOLD!!! Seek out new bands!

See you tomorrow and please let me know who YOU discovered!

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