Thursday, 20 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 3 2017

Major bucket of tea to start the day today. Not only is there the list to post but also the playlist for this Friday and as promised it's all about CMW.

So here is Day 3's random picks for what to do tonight. Let me know what you think and please feel free to offer feedback on what YOU went to see.

Cherry Cola's start time 9 pm
  -Messenger Birds, Blue Stones , Velveteins and a whole heap more

The Great Hall start time 8:00
  -Birds of Olympus, Medeline Kenney and friends

Hard Rock Cafe start time 8 pm
  -Render, Rising Few, Celebration Army just to name a few

Horseshoe start time 8 pm
  -Honest Hearts Collective, ZOOBOMBS, Crazy Bones and others

Lee's Palace Start time 9 pm
  -Kasador, Wildlife, Matt Mays (love this music)

Long Boat Hall  start time 7
  -Radiant Baby, Hone Beard, Zoo Owl plus more

Phoenix Hall start time 8 pm
  -NQ Arbuckle, Amelia Curran, Tanya Tagaq, Whitehorse

Silver Dollar  start time 8 pm
  -Little Coyote, Luna Ll, Japanese Breakfast

Velvet Underground start time 9 pm
  -New Electric, Courage My Love

Take a deep breath, it's on to Friday.

Thanks for listening

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