Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ruby Slippers April 10 Membership Show 7-8 pm

Hey Everbody!!!

It's here, the Spring Membership Drive at CIUT, a time when we remind you what it is to be a True-to-the-core Independent Radio Station with different views, off beat music and a chance to bring the listening community into our hearts and programs.

There will still be music on this show..never fear! There won't be as much, but then again, there is so little talking during the other Ruby Slippers shows, you can forgive me this once, right? Please?

Tried to include a lot of local bands tonight as a thank to them for believing in us enough to share their joy and passion.

Also threw in some classic stuff because that's how this show rolls.

(This one might skip around a bit)

Hope you enjoy and as always, thanks so much for listening.

Tusk ... The Crystal Ark
Painful Like ... Austra *
Spiritual weapon ... The Auras *
Mirror Mirror ... Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion *
Like A Stone ... Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas *
Zombie Dumb ... Reverend Horton Heat
Lileen ... Jared Brown * (new) (from album Reith Kichards)
I Can't Fix You ... The Wans
Weeping Sore ... PANIC *
Robin and Ben ... Alexandra and the Strangemakers * (new)
Circus Song ... Load *
Haven ... Bravestation * (still got goosebumps )
Penny Water ... Black Lady Soul *

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*Cancon, fellow babies

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