Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cat Woman Fill in show April 10 /15

Hey folks,

Catwoman is still out on the prowl so I have been asked to fill in tonight.
Let's hope it lives up to her high standards!

Skidmarks On My Heart ... The Go Gos
Barbara Jean ... Hunter Valentine *
Did You Forget My Name ... White Wires * (Ottawa)
Codeine and Wine ... the Fuzz Kings *
White Cloud ... Curbside Sofa *
Big Indian ... Dandy Warhols
Put The Blame On Me ... Handsome Ned *
The Gospel ... James Kasper *
Blind Willie's Lighthouse ... Dan Cloutier *
The Bottom ... James Apollo
One Little Accident Away ... Jeff Gladstone 8
Before The Beginning ... Trixie Whitley (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Big Burned Hand ... Iron and Wine (see, I know another one)
Soundtrack for the Night ... Joel Plaskett Emergency *
Lullaby for the Summer ... Jimi Hendrix

That's it for now!
Stay Tuned for Ruby Slippers at 7 pm.

Thanks for listening


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