Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fill in Nov. 15 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

Back again! Let's get going with more from the new Die Mannequin album "Neon Zero" and let the chips fall where they may!

We Own The Night ... Die Mannequin * (stars of Hard Core Logo II)
Where Do You Go To Give Up ... Cold Dead Hands *
Light Emerges ... Akron Family
A Stroke of Lck ... Garbage
Cardinal + Moon ... Alight *
Un Estado ... All Of Your Friends *
Berlin ... Chimpan-A Chimpan-Z *
Babes ... Icky Blossoms
Confusion Boats ... John Vanderslice
Heaven and All ... Robert Levon Been et al
Love Is Not Enough ... NIN
Pie In The Sky ... Pedro Costa *
I Can't Sleep At Night ... Deadly Snakes *
Six O'Clock ... Lovin' Spoonful
Stereostar ... Madrid *
Walk With Me ... Memoryhouse *
Mary, Mary ... The Monkees
Prozac Rock ... Margo & The Nuclear So and So's

Whew! So much music so little time! Have a list of 40 cuts left over to start next week's show.

Have a great weekend, stay warm and thanks for listening.

*Cancon, baby

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