Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ruby Slippers Feb 7 7-8 pm

Hey, Snow Bunnies!

As piles of the white stuff continue to mount outside, there is no time like the present to pull together the playlist for this week's show! Have some fun additions... radio debut for Sea State with "Rescue Me" from their album "Boy With A Gun", something new from The Rising Few, and Doug Norquay from the album "Giant Pig" (reference to a massive concrete pig used as an advertisement for a meat shop in Shakespeare, Ontario) plus a whole lot more. Be sure to add more marshmallows to the hot chocolate and settle back for a weird and wonderful hour.

Sinners On St. Laurent.... The Rising Few (Montreal) *
Rescue Me... Sea State (New! Heard here first!) *
How It Goes ... Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk *
Rhythm ... Anna Domino
Freaks ... The Hawk In Paris (from the album Freaks and Outcasts...I can relate)
The Day That I was Born ... Doug Norquay *
Coffee Stained Pages ... Epic Rain (or snow. Snow would work too)
How Good Does It Feel ... Empires (new)
Middle (Matt Batey Remix) ... Cumulus
Radiowave Blockade... Elizabeth *
My Heart Is Pinned To Your Sleeve ... The High Dials *
Dear Confessor ... Immaculate Machine *
Don't Take My Sunshine Away ...Graham Colton with Wayne Coyne
Michael.... Goodbyemotel
Parables ... Rebekah Higgs *

So that's it.
If you are in the path of Old Man Winter, may you have a warm and cheery snow day.
And as always, thanks for listening

* Canadian artists

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