Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Nod to an Ex Pat

Hey everybody,

I seldom post events on this blog unless it has something to do with a festival.
But this is in my hometown, so had to mention it.

Will Black, a Canadian living and performing in Bermuda, for crying out loud, is going to be playing at the Moonshine Cafe on Kerr St in Oakville tonight at 8 pm. Although a rocker, his set will be acoustic and work making the trip! Have played his music on the show and had enthusiastic feedback!

 He will be playing at the Central Friday Feb. 21 (tomorrow) same Bat-time.

As supporting Canadian talent is at the heart and soul of community radio, I always welcome suggestions of music  and notifications of performances.  There's so much talent in this country, let's work together to spread the love.

See you tomorrow at 7 pm live to air.

Over and out! ;)

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