Friday, 12 October 2012

Playlist for Oct 13 5-6 pm Ruby Slippers

Hey everybody,

Ruby Slippers rides again!

I know this is WAY in advance, but given that I am dashing out of the studio to make an appointment tomorrow, I thought I would post for tomorrow.  There may be some minor deviations, and I will correct them if needs be, but at the moment, this is how the show will line up.

Stillness Is The Move   Dirty Projectors
Smoke and Mirror Show   Young Galaxy
My Favorite Year   Destroyer
Vanessa Vacillating   Slow Children  (didn't actually get to this last week...)
Put Your Arms Around Me   The Hawk In Paris   (rather athemnic, but really pretty)
Say It Ain't So  Sarah Blackwood   (Weezer cover)
He Poos Clouds   Final Fantasy  (now known as Owen Pallet)
Beijing   Patrick Watson
Prophesy   Adam and the Amethysts
Weightless   City and Colour   (out of Alexisonfire)
Moonage Daydream    The Dirty Nil   (good Bowie cover)
Tough Love   Joel Plaskett Emergency
No Envy  Humble Wolf

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Thanks for listening, see you next week for the Membership Drive Show Extravaganza!

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