Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hey, People, Join The CIUT Family!!!

Hey everybody!

It's the fall membership drive beginning now, and I have to say it's pretty exciting.
This is YOUR opportunity to become a member of the CIUT 89.5 FM  family by donating a mere $25! (Although any donation is of course really really appreciated by the umpteen volunteers at the station)

What happens to your donation?

It keeps the station on the air, that's what.  It pays for the transmittor, it keeps the equipment in tip top shape, it replaces the stuff that wheeze to a halt after it has served us well for the life of the equipment, it maintains our web feed, gosh, that money keeps us going so that you can listen 365 days a year for as long as you want.

None, and I repeat, none of this donation money makes its way to the programmers.  Not a single penny.

So...if you love radio, and are tired of being told what you should listen to by the Big Box commercial stations, please consider making a donation to the last community station in all of the Greater Toronto Area, and in fact the coolest station on the World Wide Web.

As the slogan goes  :  Your voice, your sound, your radio!   CIUT 89.5 FM.

Thanks for listening and see you soon!

Carol B

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