Friday, 24 May 2019

Ruby Slippers May 24 2019 Ace of Wands and No Pants Record Shopping 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody.

Very busy show tonight. Ace of Wands is back from their tour of western Canada and is returning to the airwaves with musical picks from their album "Lioness" and from bands they have played with as well.
Also of note...upcoming gig with Lowest of the Low. New track from that amazing band as well!'s that time of month again. Yessiree, No Pants Record Store Shopping on Twitter with Nikki from the middle east (formerly podcaster with Everything and the Kitchen Sink). This capsule curated playlist within a playlist is a warm up to her Twitter event tomorrow. Follow @IsGlobalAGoGo and every hour there will be another band with the hyperlink for your listening and purchasing pleasure.

Between the two elements of the show tonight, there will be no excuses that you haven't heard anything new and exciting in the last while!

So on with the playlist. The order will be straightened out after the show itself.

Lioness ... Ace of Wands *
100 ... Hot Garbage *
Scholars ... Buke and Gase
Sunrise ... The Radiation Flowers *
Midnight Maryanne ... Lowest of the Low *
Wolf Cubs ... Ace of Wands *
Animal Heart ... Hermitess *
Winter Wind ... Ace of Wands *

and then...

Danger Ahead ... Shaking Heads
Silence is The Gift ... War on Women
My Crooked Crooked Teeth ... Def Con Sound System *
Burn Baby ... L7

Wow! Hang on, it's going to be a wild night. I promise to talk as little as possible.

Thanks for listening

*Cancon, baby

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