Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ruby Slippers June 22 2018

Hey everybody!

This is a very special edition of the show. One of my favorite bands, Bravestation, is dropping a new album on the 22nd  (Goddess) and we are lucky enough to have a member of the duo on the show to talk about the backstory behind the album and a few of the tracks!

Here is the playlist as it stands, but dependent on how long we chat, it is unlikely I will get too far. LOL


Some People...Smash Boom Pow *
Another Girl, Another Planet ... Screwed *
Ray of Love ... Bravestation *
Stay Wild...Bravestation *
Up for You ... Bravestation *
Reflections ... Lavendar Girl *
My Baby Better Be on Time ... Cats with Manners
Two Strangers ... Sea Wolf
Bleecker Street! Chase Me! ... Hologram Teen
Nerve ... Jenn Vix
Juice (Chromeo remix) ... Mercurius FM *
Crystal Mines ... CFCF *
Lax ... Kristin Hersh
Back Taxes and Anaphylaxis ... ISS

Thanks for listening and a special thanks to Bravestation for taking time out of their crazy schedule to talk with me.


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