Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ruby Slippers January 6 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? I have: more Cancon, maybe start a podcast? and an OOTD for each and every show. So stay tuned!
Meanwhile oodles of great music, new and not so new this week, so without further adieu, here we go

Houdini ... Teenage Kicks *
Good Day At The Races ...Hollerado *
Rowdy Jackson ... Filthy Haanz *
Shake ... Tin Bangs *
Pretty Garden ... Will Black *
Africa ... Thundermug *
The Legionnaire's Lament ... The Decemberists
Hostages ... AC Newman *
Reena ... Sonic Youth
Us Me (live at CHRW) ... Stuck On Planet Earth! *
Mouse ... The United States of America
Bad Ritual ... Timber Timbre *
Pocketful of Rocks ... Forest City Lovers *
21st Century Schizoid Man ... Nash The Slash *
I'm Okay (There Will Come a Day) ... 1977 *

There you go, first resolutions fulfilled! Now only 51 weeks left to go..💗

See you next week and as always thanks for listening

*Cancon, baby

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