Thursday, 29 September 2016

Catwoman Fill In Show September 30 6-7 pm

Hi kids,

Catwoman is on the prowl in lands far away and it's my priviledge to sit behind the console tonight.

This playlist is really more about my sensibilities this time as she has such a unique style I would have a hard time pulling it off.

Therefore here we go...Hope you enjoy it!

Pull Your Knife ... Eleanore * (new track)
Mason ... The Ballroom Babies *
Headstrong ... Ballin' Jacks (from Strummer a Go Go #1)
Fifty Fifty ... The Luyas *
Don't You Know ... Black Market Karma (psych from the UK)
Maybe Tomorrow (theme from the Littlest Hobo)...Prince Colwyn *
Kitty ... The Presidents of the United States ( I would vote for these guys)
Your Wife Is Calling ... Lee Ving, Dave Grohl etc
Chasing Alaska ... Rabid Flowers *
Savoy Truffle ... the Beatles
Just Luck ... The Royal Canadians *
Eye's Pie ... Devil's Din *
Tomorrow's People ... McDonald and Giles
Lovelier Girl ... Beach House
You're Coming Home ... 10cc
Summer  Nights ... Exist Strategy *

And NOW for the Rugy Slippers List!

Catwoman will be back next week.

Thanks for listening


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