Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Ruby Slippers for August 5 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

We are now officially in August and here is the playlist for this week. Our good buddy Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink has submitted some of the selections for which I send a big thanks!

Covers... Beauts * (from Nova Scotia)
Slipping Away ... Like A Motorcycle *
Horse Pills ... Dandy Warhols
Push and Pull ... White Hot Jet * (new)
Girls ... Aitch * (Beasties cover)
What You've Always Wanted ... The Beans 

Three covers of Springsteen songs by Canadian Bands!!
Born In The USA ... Ben Sir *
Radio Nowhere .. The Matchup *
Hungry Heart ... Cactus Vella *

These next three from EatKS
90210 ... The Courtneys *
Washroom Soda ... Drunk Lips *
Switchblade Massacre - California death Rays *

My Friends ... The Head and the Heart 
See The Light ... The Flame
Who Are You ... Ty Segall
Tap ... Aaron James
Saint Nothing ...Qristina and Quinn Bachand *
Sins So Vain ... Vallens *
Summer Nights ... Exist Strategy *

Thanks for listening!


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