Saturday, 9 July 2016

Secret Toronto and Guilty Confessions

Hey everybody!

Living in a city as vast and diverse as Toronto one can easily get overwhelmed and default to the more local and familiar when planning an outing.
I know I am often guilty of that. Same principle kind of applies to music as well. Although Ruby Slippers is an open format programme, I am more comfortable with punk, garage, rock and indie (whatever that may be now)
However, thanks to a convoluted series of events, this summer I have sought out more electronic music than ever before. Who knew that there was a retired air traffic controller in New Brunswick embracing Tangerine Dream-esque music or that Hamilton stands toe to toe with the electronic community?
And I won't even get into Toronto or the rest of the global community brought together by the magic that is the interweb.
So here's the thing. Got on a shuttle bus at Chester station to go to the Evergreen Brickworks. New place for me, moving out of the comfort zone, apparently one of Toronto's gems off the beaten track. Apparently after the place shut its doors as a working brickyard, it had another secret life as an unofficial venue for events with, you got it, electronic music.
And guess what? That's exactly what is happening today until after midnight (although everyone is included in the party, not so hush hush)
The event is #Senseless and the music is perfect in this place. The shape and acoustics of the structure lend themselves very well to the sound and there is loads of room to move. As an added bonus, the guts of the building have ideal spots to showcase digital art and small 3D installations. I was there right at the start of things, not many had arrived yet but it did allow a clear path to see and experience the sights surrounded by the sound.
Featured cuts by Frank and Tony, Tube and Berger last night on the show (Ruby Slippers, up in archive for listening or download on Monday on the CIUT website). Honestly could have posted any of these artists in the playlist and may do so as the summer rolls out.
If you are into this music, love to dance or just experience something amazing, go to this place.

You'll be glad you did.
For a taste of what's ahead Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Tube & Berger

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