Friday, 6 May 2016

CMW Day 5

Good golly Miss Molly...

Friday already and more than enough music to keep you going well into the night.
Or the afternoon if you wish

Why not do the afternoon thing at the Drake 150 with Yarrow, others at 4 pm?

Then have a bite (maybe a nap) and head out to any or all of these

Adelaide hall starting at 8 pm  Stuck on Planet earth, JPNSGRLS* others

Burdock starting at 9 with Alana Yorke at 11

Cherry Cola's (rock n Rolla) starting at 9 including HolySexyBastards * Return for Refund* and others

Dakota Tavern starting at 6 and including Timberwolf *

The Garrison starting at 9 pm and including Public Access TV *, Walrus

Feeling lucky? Win to get in : Grand Ballroom with Tegan and Sara etc. (I can't with my pass :( Tell me what it was like)

Handlebar starting at 8 Album release for Heat Attack Kids, and Bike Thiefs,(played on the show), Liver. others

The Hideout starting at 8 (music from Sask and Alberta, strong show) Royal Foundry and others**

Horseshoe starting at 8, showcase, with a full line up including Wintersleep, Hanah Georgas, Jeff the Brotherhood, Sheepdogs, Diarrhea Planet Alberta Cross, Music Band, New Swears *****

Lee's Palace starting at 9 ELECTRIC ANTS *** Peregrine Falls , others

Phoenix Concert Hall starting at 8, Red Mass, Death Valley Girls Black Lips *

Revival starting at 9 Quebec music showcase with Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite (played on show) *

Supermarket starting at 7 I make no bones about the fact that I love what is coming out of Australia.
Lots to hear for the first time here

UG3 starting at 8  Wolf Saga, Hiroshima Hearts *

Velvet Underground starting at 9 strong list Broken Hands, Dead Tired, White Lung as featured on CBC, Chastity *

Well, there's a lot to think about.  Hmm, time for another coffee, this is hard.

See you tomorra.

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