Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Welcome to Indie Week 2015 (Wednesday October 14)

Hey everybody!

The fall is here, the leaves are dropping and so are the tunes.

It's Indie Week in Toronto and boy are there a lot of choices to be made.

For a full schedule breakdown check out the website: or just wing it with a little help from your friend.
(yours truly)

If this sore throat and all over achiness subside, here are some the bands I would be off to see tonight.

Return for Refund and others ... Cherry Cola

Lost In Film/Relic City et al ... UG3

Proud Sons ... The Rivoli

Skylar and the Brit ... Free Times Cafe

Black Rhino Riot ... The Hideout

Of course, "I'm only one person, Jim" so see for yourself. Loads more to come as the week progresses.

And there are also the films to see, seminars to attend, and the final battle of the bands as the week plays out.

Three cheers for Indie Week! (Silently, in my case, just as heartfelt though)

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