Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ruby Slippers for September 4 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Labour Day weekend. How did this happen?
Although truth be told, I really am over this heat/humidity thing. Bring on the sweaters, the jeans, the hot chocolate, the leaves in piles and sleeping soundly with the window open.

At least we have had fabulous music this summer, and guess what? It just keeps on coming.

Operator ... Bravestation * (new)
Avalon ... Roxy Music (not so new LOL)
Black Swan ... Astrid's Tea Party (from Strummerville a Go Go #001)
Forgive and Forget ... I Was A King
Shake Well.... Mike Evin *
Lipstick Cigarette ... XPrime *
Shook ... Radio Caroline * (from London Ontario)
Madhouse ... The Diodes *
Across The Map (remix Derek Webb ) ... Wave & Rome
Let's Get Going ... Bill Mountain (from above comp Strummerville)
Right On ... DAVIDS *
Sound of The Bell ... The Ruby Spirit *
I Will See You In Far Off Places ... Morrissey
Rainbow Of Blues ... The Highest Order *
Bones ... Little Big Town
Stephanie ... Buckingham Nicks

Have a safe weekend. Thanks for listening. And don't forget to love your radio.


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