Wednesday, 25 February 2015

RubySlippers February 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

More cold weather (bother) but that just means more time to stay in and mess about with music!
New tracks, some preview-y works in progress, (first listen, indeed!) dragons and thieves and megafauna, oh my!

Here goes

Phoebe ... Organ Thieves *
Sick of Me ... Gentlemen Thieves * (yes, are related)
Pictures ... Ewart and the Two Dragons (from Estonia) (new)
Headlights ... The Canards *
No Justice Anywhere (work in progress) ... Greg Clarke *
Want Too Much ... Huetensil (new)
Poppers ... David Contin * (new, preview?)
Twisted Head ... Rosewoods Diary *
Make You Better ... The Decemberists (new) (courtesy of Starbucks, no less)
They Always Do ... Rachael Cardiello *
Kool Aid Wino ... Megafauna (new from Surreal Estate)
Transmission ... Joy Division (natch, radio is my game)
Where Your Head Goes ... Ty Segall (from Goodbye Bread)
How Can I Ease The Pain ... Lisa Fischer
Night Scented Stock (instrumental) ... Kate Bush
Aeolian Echo (instrumental) ... Ilias (new)
I Am The Cosmos ... Chris Bell (may not make this)

Now THERE'S a show for ya!

See you next week and thanks for listening


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