Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fill In for the Membership Week Oct. 25 5-6 pm

Hey everybody,

Only two more days left in this crazy Membership week. With our new Transmitter in place, we know you are listening and with the best sound in the history of this place. Now, we need to pay the staff, service the CD players, keep the lights on, fix the plumbing, that sort of thing.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here's the playlist. While it's rolling you can go to and donate. Don't forget to tell them that Carol B sentcha! Who knows, maybe I won't have to sneak in here Saturdays anymore if this goes well.... (wink wink)

Sweetie and Shag ...Battles
#2 ... AroarA *
Windswept ...CFCF *
Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car ... Iron and Wine
Avocados ... Hot Tea *
We Are The Hunters ...The D'Urbervilles *
Surrounded in Smoke ... Chad Van Gaalen *
Moving Forward ... Authentic Imperfection *
Sundialing ... Caribou *
Gold Star ...Goodnight, Sunrise *
People Are Strange ... Camera
Creature ... Tijuana Panthers
Leather Pants ... Cadillac Bill and the Creeping Bent 8
Last breath ...The Flesh *

Thanks for listening! next week, the spooktacular Halloween shows!!!

*Cancon, of course

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