Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fill In Playlist for Mar On Music August 15 Noon to 1 pm

Shhhh, everybody

So...have snuck into the station while Mar is out on an adventure and brought a bunch of really great tunes with me. Won't waste time chatting, don't want to get caught.

Hot Property ... The Dishes *
Catwalker... The Diodes *
Take Me back ... Fast Romantics *
I Was, You Were ... The High Dials *
Stoned and Starving ... Parquet Courts
I Told You How ... Museum Pieces *
Will They Bury Us? ... Elliott Brood *
Ghosts ... Rah Rah *
One Way Leading To A Dead End ... The Ins and Outs *
A Sudden death ... The Organ *
Odessa ... Caribou * (love love love this one)
Party Like It's 2012 ... Library Voices *
Tango Shoes ... Bif Naked *
Horror Beyond Imagination ... Double Experience *
Liar Liar ... Goodnight, Sunrise *

Wow! That's a lot of Cancon (*)

Well, I'm jetting off, but will see you later today (7 pm) on Ruby Slippers.

And, between us, thanks for listening.
(This never happened)

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