Thursday, 17 October 2013

Indie! Indie! Friday Oct. 18

Hey music lovers,

Friday is the third day of the Big Show, and as with any festival, it's a very heavy day in terms of agonizing choices.  I have tried and failed to hear something from all the bands, and as the playlist for this week can attest, really only scratched the surface of what's going on. It was random at best, but in a good way.  Hope you can embrace the mystery and chaos of the unknown too!

Here are some ideas for today's offerings.  It is not meant to be exclusive, or a snub to any venue or band that hasn't been mentioned.  Have a look, then ignore and go explore!

The Riv...The Beaches, Wildheart and friends

The Hideout...among others, Secret Broadcast and (for the name alone) Mad Violinist and the
                      Symphony Crack Orchestra

Victory Cafe...another chance to hear MIYU

Adelaide Hall...visiting old friends, this one. Bed of Stars, Still Life Still, Rural Alberta Advantage,
                         Magneta Lane, LBD, Imposters

Silver Dollar....WAXMEN (a request on my show) Suxess, Ninja Funk Orchestra

Supermarket...Human Bodies (Katie and company rule!) Bloom (from Calgary) and viseMenn from

The Bovine...Stuck On Planet Earth

Cherry Cola...Fisher Kings, Saigon Hookers, Implicate Order (Calgary, there is something in the water
                      so many good bands coming out of here)

Peacok...Jon Davis at 9:30 (CIUT's elusive interview, seriously worth hearing)

Underground Garage...Arcane Saints (Melbourne) Alert The Medic, and other great acts

The Cage 292...Satellite Hearts and Blackdog Ballroom

Go forth and party. See you soon!

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