Friday, 15 February 2013

SHHHHH!!!! Secret Playlist for Feb. 16 5-6 pm

Hey everybody,

I have hijacked this hour of programming to bring you some really cool stuff.
(And, my friends, that's what happens when my regular show is pre empted)

So here it is.  Hope you find something to inspire you.

Precious Timbers---Random Hold
Wreck of the S.S. Colborne---The Raccoon Wedding
Low Gravity (from a recording done at XM Radio, Toronto)---The Acorn
Love Got In The Way---Jets Overhead
Youth Knows No Pain---Lykke Li  (this was postponed again and again...three times lucky!)
Shakin' All Over---Wanda Jackson  (produced by none other than Jack White)
Oil Bird---Violet Letters   (something very different for my shows...looking forward to more by this
Take Me Back To The Suburbs---Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians (STILL writing a song a week)
Drunk---Anna Domino
How You Like it---Christer
Hits Me Like a Rock----Dillon Francis remix of CSS
Roll With The Punches---Mohawk Lodge
I Want To Believe (X Files cover)---Septembryo
Can't Get Through---Pedro Costa
Lipstick Wonder Woman---Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Didn't have time today, but check out Chloe Charles when you have a minute.
Will definitely include her in upcoming lists.

Thanks for listening, and remember....not a word to anyone.

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  1. Hey Carol,

    where/when will the mp3 version of this episode be found on the CIUT website?