Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ruby Slippers for Jan. 25 7-8 pm

Good Lord!
I am very early posting this list for the upcoming Friday show, (it is WAY too cold to be outside) and not to wreck any surprises, but it has turned out to be fun and kind of kooky.  There are some new cuts  (Sally Shapiro's latest is available as a free download! Score!) and I am kind of hearting Broken Anchor and Grime Kings from Ottawa.

Well, listen to the show and see for yourself.  The archive function is now back up and running on the CIUT website, so there is a whole week to check it out even if you have an awesome thrill packed Friday planned out of earshot.  Just go to the schedule, click on Ruby Slippers on Monday after the show, and bingo!  (There can be no escape, bruahaha...)

Starman---Sally Shapiro featuring Electric Youth
Holding You---Katie Herzig (released originally for Valentine's Day, sigh)
Jesse, AR---Said The Whale  (Canadian! wave the flag!)
My Body (Tokyo Police Club remix)---Young The Giant
Always Fade---Low  (ah, yes, Low)
Yur Not Ded---Futurebirds
Parking Ticket---The Ride Theory  (Hamilton, Ontario)
Never Leave Me Alone---Broken Anchor
Break Break---Rhoneil  (another Canuck)
Angel or Ghost---Grime Kings (Can.)
hammer down---Eugene Ripper  (brand spankin' new release...originally from Stark Naked and the 
                                                     Fleshtones) (Can)
Everything Gonna Be Better Next Year---The Rescues
Wait and See---Diamond Rings (Can)
Hands---Paper Lions (Can)
Jerk!---Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians
This Way---Jets Overhead (Can)

Bonus Track
Youth Knows No Pain---- Lykke Li  (couldn't squeeze her in last week, try again today)

Ah, I need more time!
Thanks for listening and see you next week.

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