Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

(Flash, I suddenly realized that this salutation is how Chris Berube greeted his audience for years on Electric Boogaloo.What a great show that was.... however I digress)

It's that magical time when we are perhaps more harried than we should be and definitely more in need of a little lighthearted fun.  Given that today the world is supposed to end, (trust me to do a show as the global Titanic goes down)  I have tried to combine seasonal fare with straight up great music. Let me know what you think!

Present Face---Garfunkel and Oates  
First Snow Of The Year---Hawksley Workman  (GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!)
No A**holes on Christmas---Stephanie Coplan and friends
One Good Reason---Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers
D****bag---Robots Wearing Sunglasses  ( a Christmas share for CIUT from RWS themselves)
Caught---Anna Domino  (had to have a quiet moment or two)
Empty Room---Arcade Fire
Trailblazer---The Barmitzvah Brothers
The Ring Song---The Bravery
say-so-long---Fiction 20 Down
Make You Mine---Cannoneers
The Noise---Austra
Them Kids---Sam Roberts (did you know he collected Royal Family Commemorative tins?)
Stray Dog---The Anthemeers
Locked Out---Freelance Whales
Tessellate---Tokyo Police Club
The Chipmunk Song-----Alvin, Theodore, Simon and Dave

Hope your hols are a blast, and as always, thanks for listening!
Back next week with the year end wrap up!

Oh, and the music bio that was considered the guiltiest pleasure from last week's question is "Girls Like Us", a combined career profile of Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King.

In loving memory of Roger  December 20, 1958 - July16, 2010

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