Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ruby Slippers Playlist Nov 24 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

Here it is, a very cold day in the city, perfect for sitting by the radio and enjoying some great music!
Some of these are old favs, and I hope you agree they really stand up! ( My brain is frozen..sorry for the short intro...)

Torch Song---Todd Rungren   (for Roger)
Walking In The Woods---The Pursuit of Happiness
Paranoimia---The Art of Noise
The Main Thing----Roxy Music
This is Now----The Knife
My Arms----Bloodgroup
Happiness Is A Warm Gun----Bend Sinister (You KNOW this one!)
Fragile Bird----City and Colour
You Get What You Give----The New Radicals (dance, damn it!)
Instant Karma  (John Lennon Cover)----Cuff The Duke
I Knew I Shouldn't Have Held My Breath----Amos The Transparent
Who's In Control----Filter Free Radio
Always----Army Girls
Roland----The Bicycles
This Crowded Room (Young Galaxy Remix)----Freedom or Death

So there it is.  Don't forget the countdown begins for our move to Friday 7-8 starting December 7th.
See you on Saturday next week...

Thanks for listening.

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