Saturday, 22 September 2012

Playlist Sept. 22 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

First episode of the new show, Ruby Slippers!  Here's the playlist, and I hope you find something new and exciting from it.  This will now be my permanent home, so hang on to your ears, the fun has just begun.

Summersweat      Royal Canoe
She's The One     Caribou
Lie Awake     Angel Snow
Young Mothers     Sebastian Grainger
Trailblazer     The Barmitzvah Brothers
Fwoooooooosh!   Starship Experience
Grey Skies     Paperback  (not THE Paperbacks, as previously thought)
Anirog D9    Squarepusher
Computer    Fun 100
How Do You Ruin Me     Black Prairie
The Killing Type    Amanda Palmer
How Fast Is Too Fast    Orange Glass
Small Stakes    Spoon
Something I Want to Tell You   Small Faces
Television Set    Jowl Plaskett Emergency
I Love My Leather Jacket    The Chills
Lil' Devil    The Cult
Firebomb     Chrome

Didn't really think the show would end with Chrome, but somehow it was only too fitting!
See you next week, and thanks for listening!
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