Tuesday 16 February 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 19 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody.

Here is the list for tonight. Lotsa input from all over the place.


Rumble ... Slave to the Square Wave *

Beautiful It's You ... Dead Red Velvet *

Ori Ori ... Manntra

There is Only You ... Tim Lothar (Melanie's pic)

Big City ... Epitaph (Melanie's other pic)

Speaking In Tongues ... An Uneasy Peace

Wolverines ... Feverjaw (these last two from Nikki, podcast host of "Everything and the Kitchen Sink")

Valhalla ... Dream Aria * (with intro by Ann of the band0

Ultra Man ... Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival *

You Sold Yourself for Nothing ... Christian and the Sinners *

Hard Place and a Rock ... Steve Strongman *

Finally Found A Way ... F - 105 *

Where The Snake Was ... Greg Clarke *

Song of Co Aklan ...Cathal Coughlan

Thanks for listening!

Stay safe, my friends.


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