Thursday 11 July 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio July 12 2024 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here is the new playlist. 

It really feels like summer, in my mind.

AND a very happy birthday to both Melanie and her dad! Here's to a year of adventure and joy!

Nicer Guy ... Dirty Nil *

Show Em What You Got ... Full Force Machine *

Kings and Queens ... Cold Weather Captains *

Gotta Ride On ... Fast Orange *

Rock Island Line ... Lonnie Donegan (intro and birthday wishes from Melanie to her Dad!) 

(Birthday wishes to Melanie too!!!!!)

Damned to Ride ... Hot n Nasty

Go Down Gambling ... Blood Sweat and Tears *

Top Down ... Teenage Head *

Cemetary ... Headstones *

Surf Song ... Steve Schijns *

Space Odyssey 2001 ... Kate Nash

telephone ... julia-sophie

I'll Never Give Up ... Pink Turns Blue 

Electric ... pMad

Dancing On A Highwire (Rob Stuart remix) ... George and the Imagination Machine * (extro)

Thanks for listening!


Thursday 4 July 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio July 5 2024 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here is this week's playlist.

Faith is the Key ... The Word66

Ain't Got Nothing ... Huttch *

Advice from a Stranger ... Federale

The Falcon ... WolfWolf

Bloody Mary ... Carlyn *

Plastic Ocean ...Retrograth 

Son of a Gun ... Max Bushkohl (intro by Melanie!)

Rusted ... Temps *

Champion (True Believers remix) ... Bif Naked *

World Domination ... Lynx Dean *

Talk is Cheap ... Islands*

Circus... Gasperfrau *

kaity says ... kkidss *

Adventure Bay ... The Night Parrots

Hollow Man (extro) ... Nick Hudson

Thanks for listening.


Friday 28 June 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio June 28 2024 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

If you are listening to the show at broadcast time, hope you have a good long weekend.

Here's the playlist.

Wayfaring Dreamer ... Crystal Viper

Song In The Dark ... Dream Heavy

Steel ... Jane Inc. *

Way Past Midnight ... Strange Advance *

Midnite News ... Ohama *

Idyll ... Errance *

Better Now (ft. Rae Morris) ... Bombay Bicycle Club

The Switch ... Smaller Hearts*

Guts ... Common Deer

Letting Things Go ... Bad Pop*

Nature Boy ... Big Star

Aphrodite ... Alanna Sterling *

Oh My ! ... Sea of Lettuce *

Velveteen (Mark Pistel remix) ... Octavian Winters (extro)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 20 June 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio June 21 (Happy Solstice) 2024 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here is this week's offering. 

Thanks for keeping the faith!

Mind Palace ... The Speed of Sound

Tastes Like Metal ... Man Man

Redeemer ... Clone

It Goes On ... Waash *

Black Cat Bones ... Epitaph

The Betrayal of Joshua Kynde ... Jethro Tull

Brave New World ... Lowest of the Low *

Hairbrain ... The Great Fuss *

Exodus of the Year ... Royal Canoe *

Chopping Them Down ... The Sea At Midnight

Rootin' for Ya ... Field Guide*

Before It's gone ... Sugarfungus *

Confidence ... Cigar Cigarette

Wildfire ... Alanna Sterling * (extro)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 13 June 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio June 14 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here is this week's playlist. 

Voice (and hearing) still not up to scratch, so apologies right out of the gate.

My Imaginary Friend ... WolfWolf

Altered States ...GNARWHAL *

Telephone ... Vailhalen *

Making the Most Of It ... Major Love *

Hurrican Brain .... 9-Volt Velvet

Look At My Phone ... Hot Garbage*

Oats from a Mug ...  Frost Children

Blood For Shakespeare ... The Golden Age of Wrestling*

Change Your Mind ... Maya Vic

Swallowed By The Sky ... The Shadow Majlis *

Someone's Gonna Love You ... Ian Janes *

Diving For Pearls ... Beauty in Chaos

Pictures of You ... The Cure

Rock n Roll is My Business ... Dmitry Wilde

Music Hurts the Head ... of Montreal

Like In A Dream ... Frenchy and the Punk (extro)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 6 June 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio June 7 2024 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Thanks a bunch for your support of the membership show.

 I really appreciate each and every one of you who made a donation, called in or listened to the show.

If you didn't have a chance to donate and would like to the website is still set up for just that thing.

Best of luck with the draw for the awesome ebikes, and if I see you wandering around town in the cool t shirt, I will definitely come over to salute you!

So here is the playlist.

Rock N Roll Baby ... Gene Champagne *

The Sound of Broken Glass ... Young Doctors In Love * (June 9 at the Painted Lady here in Toronto)

Powerlines ... Lowest of The Low *

Flamboyant Flaunt ... Pennan Brae *

Land of Wit ... The Fisherman and his Soul (intro by Melanie)

The Big Smoke Blues ... Jerry Leger * (also introduced by Melanie)

From Outside a Window Sill ... Crumb

Next Life ... Carlyn *

Soliel ...Peter Peter *

World Domination .... Lynx Dean * (June 8 at Base 31, Picton)

DIE4U ... Moderna 

Overdrive (ft. Lion Babe) ... Keys N Krates *

Within ... Ghostly Kisses *

Mona Lisa .. Tei Shi *

One of the Pack (extro) ... Softcult *


(Sorry for the voice, currently dealing with an illness)

Thursday 30 May 2024

Ruby Slippers Radio May 31 2024 Membership Show


 Hey hey everybody!

This is the spring/summer membership show, full of thrills, spills, music and garden gnomes!

To donate to this glorious hot mess that is Ruby Slippers, you can call us the week of the drive at

416-946-7800 locally;   toll free at 1-888-204-8916 or by going to (and tell them Ruby Slippers sent you!)

So here we go

Claws Out ... Lynx*

I,Fall ... The Metal Byrds

Lemon Party ... Wine Lips *

Shame Shame Shame ... Random Order *

Big Wheel ... Shannon & The Clams

Sneer At The Drummer ... Tito & Tarantula (Melanie's pick)

I Broke Into Your Car Last Night .... Bif Naked *

Everything's Gonna Be Alright ... Church of Trees *

The Stranger Within ... Benjamin Russell and Greg Fraser *

Normalize ... Mother Mother *

This is Not A Test ... Carole Pope*

Mention .... Wants *

Monsters ... Frenchy and the Punk

Ding Dong ... Klaus Nomi (extro)

Thanks a bunch, everyone!

Hugs from Melanie, Cally and me!